War with Mexico?


July 15, 2011. Las Cruces, NM. (ONN) “War with Mexico, you believe me now?” – that was the statement made to us on May 15, 2010 by one Joe Sixpack and the Sixpack Posse. Joe used to write a blog by that title. On that day last year, he published an article called, ‘The Great Immigration Debate’.

The main topic of the article was Arizona’s recent immigration law. By the end of the story however, Joe had led us down a path to a surprisingly possible conclusion – war with Mexico.

Joe’s main arguments mainly circled around his support for the civil rights of ALL Americans, regardless of their nationality. That’s something we passionately support here at Whiteout Press. But he points out two items.

Joe and the Sixpack Posse’s first point:

“Giving a description of the guy who murdered your child and telling the police that the killer was "tall, thin and White" is racial profiling. It's also height and weight profiling and there's nothing wrong with it. It's called giving a description of the assailant. Profiling is how the police find wanted criminals. Without a profile, or a description, they have no idea who they're looking for.”

Here’s Joe’s second point:

“The other anti-Arizona argument is that now, the police will be asking ‘let me see your papers’. Correct me if I'm wrong, but they already do this to all Americans, all the time. The Supreme Court ruled that the government does have the right to randomly stop all US citizens, and presumably all illegals too, and check their identities. At the time, we argued that allowing random government roadblocks was a violation of our civil rights and a throw-back to the days of Soviet Communism. But we lost that argument twenty years ago. Where was the anti-Arizona crowd then?”

You can agree with Joe’s sentiments or disagree. That’s one of the results of this wonderful country. For argument’s sake, let’s assume Joe is correct – US law enforcement is targeting people on the border who look Mexican and when stopped, agents are demanding to see proof of identity. It seems simple enough.

Let’s follow Joe on the next step of his thought process:

“As far as I can see, we don't have a serious problem with ‘illegals’ from Canada, Poland, Haiti, Russia, China or any of the other nations of the world. No, our problem is due to what I can only describe as a Mexican invasion. For that's exactly what it is.”

While Joe tends to think outside the lines occasionally, we scratched our heads and couldn’t help but agree he was mostly right. America doesn’t really have a problem with illegal aliens from Chile, Zimbabwe, Germany or South Korea. If there’s a problem, it’s overwhelmingly coming from one specific country – Mexico.

Sure, we told Joe. We conceded his point. One only has to walk outside and talk to all the illegals in their town or neighborhood. They’re from Mexico, all of them. But a Mexican invasion? Isn’t that a little extreme, we asked him.

The Sixpack Posse then explained:

“What would you call it when 30,000 Mexican Army commandos change into civilian clothes and sneak across the border of their sovereign neighbor, in a simultaneous, clandestine, prearranged operation? I would call that an ‘invasion’. And what would you call it when immediately following the successful infiltration by the 30,000 commandos in strategic, sympathetic locations around the US - they are followed across the border by 50 million of their fellow Mexican nationals? I'd call that a ‘successful invasion’.”

Well, Joe had a point. A visit to any American city will reveal that half the streets and neighborhoods, a little more or less in some cities, are controlled by Mexican street gangs. They admittedly get their drugs and protection in prison from the Mexican Mafia. As far as drug trafficking goes, the Mexican Mafia has placed itself in the perfect position - inside the US.

Think of the Mexican Mafia as Walmart. They distribute inside America’s borders what other countries supply. While a dozen South American, Central American and Mexican drug cartels all kill each other over who’s drugs get supplied to the tens of millions of addicted kids and adults in the US, only one organization runs the show once those drugs cross into America – the Mexican Mafia. And with the drug war on the Mexican-American border out of control, a challenge to the Mexican Mafia would play out on America’s streets, not Mexico’s.

While the various American street gangs loyal to the Mexican Mafia differ on their level of servitude or allegiance, they all work together one way or another. Look at Chicago and Los Angeles – the cities that for generations have had the two largest street gang populations. In LA, there are over 100,000 gang members. In Chicago, there are an estimated 50,000 to 75,000. They’re heavily armed. They’re destroying our children and their loyalty is often to a foreign country.

For decades, America’s prisons, the streets and the gang culture around them, were ruled by 4 factions. Emanating from Los Angeles, two Black gangs controlled everything – the Crips and Bloods. From Chicago, two Black-dominated factions also controlled everything – the Folks and People. Now however, the Latino gang called 18th Street has an estimated 20,000 members and dominates Los Angeles. In Chicago, times have also changed. The powerful Latin Kings rule there with an estimated 25,000 soldiers.

It was only a few years ago that the Illinois State Police had to launch a surprise raid one morning and take over a dangerous street gang in one of Chicago’s south suburbs. The real surprise was that the gang was actually the town’s police force. The department and city had been so infiltrated by the organized street gangs, the state police had to literally arrest them, eliminate the force and take over policing duties there.

With most of society refusing to acknowledge the fact that much of each American big city has been taken over by an organized, heavily-armed army, it would be out of the question to suggest they go see for themselves in person. And you can forget about the mainstream press. That might anger their Latino voters, viewers, readers and customers. “They’re the fastest growing demographic in America you know” the ad agencies all say, “It’s a goldmine for any corporation that positions themselves as a friend to the Hispanic community.” That’s actually a standard pitch line from every major advertising agency in the nation.

Joe Sixpack and his Sixpack Posse told us all those things over a year ago. We didn’t follow-up with any articles or publish any stories from it. Truth be told, we were afraid we’d be called racist, anti-Hispanic and just plain crazy for thinking the US could ever possibly go to war with Mexico.

But this week, a little over a year later, items began appearing in the news that made us think of Joe’s article.

Three days ago, Liz Goodwin from the Lookout published a detailed story regarding an American town on the Mexican border. In the small border town of Columbus, New Mexico, the County Sheriff’s Department was forced to take over policing duties, just as it happened in Chicago’s suburbs a few years back.

In Columbus, the Mayor, Police Chief, Village Trustee and nine others were arrested and charged with conspiring to smuggle hundreds of guns to the Mexican drug cartels inside Mexico. The article describes Columbus as being a battleground for years - ‘The four-man police force in Columbus has turned over seven times in three years because of scandal or apathy, the AP reported’.

Goodwin also mentions a strange twist in the case. According to the article, ‘the Las Cruces paper reported that the New Mexico U.S. Attorney's Office has been relieved of its duties in prosecuting the trial late last month. Now, federal attorneys in El Paso, Texas will take over the case’.

While the defendants had proclaimed their innocence until now, two days ago Reuters reported a new development. Columbus Mayor Eddie Espinoza pled guilty to a list of charges, including three counts of smuggling firearms from the United States. He faces up to 10 years in prison for each count. All together, the defendants were charged with a total of 84 counts of weapons smuggling and related violations.

This level of infiltration into America’s government and security apparatus, especially on behalf of a country at war like Mexico, should be cause for alarm. And if you pair it with what Joe Sixpack tells us is going on in America’s largest cities, one might be more than just alarmed. One might suggest America is already at war with Mexico and we just don’t know it yet.