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Star Wars Laser Defense to Lockheed

US Spy Agencies Satanic Cult evidence

Congressmen guilty of Insider Trading

US Crowd Control Weapons Leaked

The 20 Year Bi-Partisan Jobs Lie

Loose Change 9/11, the documentary

Top Secret America (Special Report)

Was 9/11 an Inside Job?

Arguments from 9/11 Debunkers

Secret Govt. Experiments on Americans

Americans Abandoned - POW/MIA's

How China Conquered America

Lincoln Kennedy Similarities

Who Really Killed Lincoln and Kennedy

Who Killed Robert Kennedy?

Hydra: Only future Warship ever needed


54 Countries helped US Torture

50 Corporations that Rule the World

Palestinian Statehood Speech to UN

The Deadly Cost of Gun Control

Billionaires Meet Secretly in Tucson

Exploring Oceans, Final Frontier

Did Global Warming Stop?

7 Animals going Extinct before our Eyes


Proof Merck Pharma created, spread AIDS

Courts confirm Vaccine-Autism Link

Who owns the American Media?

Cartoon - History of the Fed

Unbiased Review of E-Cigarettes

Happy Patriot's Day

What State do the Simpsons live in?

Does Marijuana Cure Cancer?

Lady Gaga, Satanism & Illuminati

Doctor Patents Human Microchip

Illuminati (special report)

Fathers Day, Give Dad a Chance

War With Mexico?

Trilateral Commission (special report)

American Housing Meltdown, How/Why?

What Caused the Economic Collapse?

Fun World Facts You may not Know

List: Groups pushing Gun Control

Mysterious HIV-Negative AIDS


Happy Patriots Day, a history

Founders Quotes on Gun Control

The Deadly Cost of Gun Control

Why We Fight - documentary

Insect Size Spy Drones Unveiled

Obama Martial Law Executive Order

What would Mr. Jefferson write Today?

Robot Economy and Robot Wars

Random Acts of Revolution

1993: Govt spied, We sued, won - a lesson

RIP Michael Ruppert: Cop that busted the CIA

This Cuneiform inscription is the earliest-known written appearance of the word "Liberty". It is taken from a clay document written in 2300 BC in the Sumerian city-state of Legash.