Shiny Stuff - a Christmas Poem


By Christopher Towsley

A Christmas poem from the Whiteout Press poetry section and the Whiteout Press resident poet, Christopher Towsley. Merry Christmas and happy holidays from your friends at Whiteout Press.

Shiny Stuff

By Christopher Towsley


As a youngster,

Christmas pressure,

was only realized,

once it was relieved.


the fact that it is,

once again,

upon us,

is what’s hard to believe.


And You go about the business,

trying to ward off the pressure,

like a sickness.

And every year,

it seems like,

putting it all together,

on my own,

might be a little rough,

then once again,

My Christmas best friend,

is the shiny stuff.

It took me almost 55 years to give it its due,

when I noticed My grandma's heirloom ornaments,

shining like they were brand new.

I once again put up this artificial tree,

after all these years,

it’s sort of beyond its time,

but once I laid on the tinsel,

and the star,

it had recovered its shine.


The sun rays through the window,

caught the ornaments and tinsel,

it undulated light a twinkling,

across the walls and ceiling.

I flicked the little switch,

and the lights supplied the feeling,

the feeling, understanding,

there is no substitute,

no rebuff,

For the shiny stuff.


It’s not like it doesn't go on all year,

That clear coat black paint and chrome,

of losing popularity,

has no fear.

The pretty girls and their shoes,

can just about take an average guy by the scruff,

and I just know we wouldn't have a row to hoe,

without shiny stuff.

But this year as Christmas rolls around again,

I am going to once more,

keep it from driving me around the bend.

That shiny stuff I will gather,

and put on display,

and be bittersweet and grateful, simultaneously,

for another Christmas day,

and as I tear down,

and put away what’s lying around,

I will Thankfully realize again,

that for now I've had enough,

all except for one thing,

the shiny stuff.


Chris Towsley

Christmas 2016


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