By Christopher Towsley


Pain can present itself in many different ways.

But to Me the worst form it takes,

is the one that stays.

And pain, to Me, has been so consistent,

it’s become like a Friend,

that takes Me down,

to a part of town,

where broken hearts,

don’t mend.

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And I look at pain as a continuing education,

from which I can never attend the graduation.

Its ebb and flow,

so constant,

never to wane.

And I realize

to a point

that Life is pain.

I mean We all begin, associated with pain,

and it continues to follow Us,

as momentum We gain.

It’s as if We are not supposed to notice it’s there,

like a wear mark in the carpet,

or creaking stair.


But Pain holds a purpose of sorts,

along life’s fun.

Pain is just as relative

as the setting sun.

Without it,

as mortals,

We could never remain.

Like Icarus

We would soar aloft

to crash earthward



So read Your pain,

and learn from it,

like knowledge from a book.

Like a Father’s knowing smile,

Or a child’s loving look.

Your pain is there to teach You,

and glide You to Your end.

Your pain, with love,

will guide You

and forever blend.


By Christopher Towsley, September 2011



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