MIA - A Poem by Christopher Towsley

(ONN) On this day, we’d like to wish all of America’s Veterans a happy Veterans Day. Your efforts and sacrifices are not forgotten. And those that never came back are not forgotten either. That’s why we’ve decided to republish a poem that we first published five years ago – MIA, by Christopher Towsley.


By C M Towsley


The term missing in action does little to justify,

That War over the years,

is a collection of tears,

from some of our bravest Guys.


And their stories are untold,

their trails gone cold,

And to honor their memories proper,

But the, so bitter pill,

remains unswallowed, still,

like the sound of that last chopper.


You see Vets from the Nam,

had to fight with one hand,

fought for JFK’s Ghost and ideals,

But amidst the bloods spatter,

had to say “It don’t matter”

as the green machine spun its wheels.

And when they finally believed,

that they had been deceived,

and they, in fact all, were expendable.

it was then they fought on,

often well into dawn,

proving nothing but they, were dependable.


But to think of the Guy,

left out there to die,

as the last rotor sounds faded off,

is a thought of the making,

unreal and heartbreaking,

as the enemy smiled and scoffed.


And off You were lead,

to a life lived in dread,

where disbelief’s all You could offer,

although each day passed,

in Your mind what would last,

was the sound of that last chopper.

And You lived out Your Life,

not forgetting Your Wife,

But Her name and Her face,

seemed to fade.

And Your captors laughed,

more, as each year passed,

at the sad resigned face that You made.


And the fact that they kept You,

and made them forget You,

never replaced the day

where crouched in the bamboo,

they came for You,

as the rotors sound faded away.


-Christopher Marshall Towsley, October 2011






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