By IronBoltBruce


As described by its author, ‘Depopulation’ is a poem in protest of the ongoing worldwide population reduction agenda of the ruling global fascist elite kleptocracy. From the Whiteout Press Poetry Section.


By IronBoltBruce


I thought it was all about money

And the power that it buys;

But it’s about a depleted planet

And with what who survives.

It’s simple mathematics,

Dividing what by who;

They can’t make more resources,

But they can make less of you.


Forget the genocide of Third World

Warlords, US trained;

It’s nothing next to body counts

For corporations’ gain.


Depopulation: Fighting unjust wars

Where suicide

Takes more of the best and bravest than

Those lost to the other side.


Depopulation: Fighting drones

Puts innocents at risk,

And from those terrorized will come

Next wave of terrorists.


Depopulation: Fracking earth

With biocides that spoil

The water in our aquifers:

High price of gas and oil.

Depopulation: Filling air

With carcinogens that kill;

Those who survive to sterilize

By design, against their will.


Depopulation: Flooding seas

With wastes they can’t degrade;

Toxins poison source of life

‘Til life no more is made.


Depopulation: Financing

Both sides of “War on Drugs”;

With CIA as pusher man

And DEA-armed thugs.


Depopulation: Feigning

Homosexual approbation;

Stealthfully engendering

Voluntary sterilization.


Depopulation: Fattening up

The tech-sedated masses

With GMO: Accelerating

Aging as it passes.


Depopulation: Fragmenting

Have-Nots to Left and Right;

Against elite assassins

Never able to unite…


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