The Crow

A poem by GK Thomas


The following poem was sent in to us from a reader. It’s titled The Crow, by GK Thomas. Despair, arrowheads, ploughed meadows, smoke in the air, and an ancient bird. We know where this poem takes us. See where it takes you. From the Whiteout Press poetry section.

Image: ‘Mad Mary’ Crow Art Print by Joshua Wilcoxon Photography - Society6

The Crow

By G.K. Thomas


I hear your repeated syllable

of loneliness and despair

come across this ploughed meadow

as I search for arrowheads.

Ancient bird,

watching from your pine perch,


the campfires

of those who brought us here

and their prayers

that went up like smoke in the wind

leaving only some stone intentions

to survive.


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