Christmas Lights - Poem by CM Towsley

From the Whiteout Press Poetry section, we bring readers the Christmas poem Christmas Lights by Christopher Towsley. For those individuals who love the spirit of the holiday and who enjoy putting up Christmas lights to celebrate, they may wonder if anyone else ever appreciates the effort or even notices. Well, people do notice. And people do appreciate it. Christmas Lights, from the Whiteout Press Poetry section.

Christmas Lights

By Christopher M Towsley


Driving down this deserted country road at night,

the guy in the oncoming vehicle didn’t even bother,

to dim His brights.

I turned and looked toward the shoulder,

to avoid the glare,

and My eyes did reside on something meaningful,


For a second I was taken by surprise,

out in the middle of nowhere,

I just couldn’t believe My eyes.

Amidst the blackness,

of the darkest of country nights,

somebody had made an effort,

to put up Christmas lights.


I wondered for a second,

about their meaning,

or message the guy was hoping to send.

Maybe He was hoping to make his kid happy,

or look at them at night,

with His girlfriend.

No matter, for a second,

as I hurtled by,

I thought those Christmas lights,

were there because of some decent guy.

No matter what their reason,

for the season,

there emerged the most beautiful of sights.

From absolute darkness,

came these precious

Christmas lights.

As I made My way I wished the person well,

he had made an effort,

for what reason,

it was hard to tell.

It was out in the middle of nowhere,

but the glistening colors,

for a moment turned all wrongs,

to rights.

And for a moment,

I was grateful,

for those lonely,

Christmas lights.


Christopher M. Towsley, Christmas 2014


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