April 19, 2015

Angel Warrior Moms - when Prayers become Poems

By Mark Wachtler

April 19, 2015. (ONN) It’s fitting that today is Whiteout Press’ 4th birthday. This author has tried his best to fulfill what has become something of a mission statement - by helping the helpless, defending the defenseless and giving a voice to the voiceless. One of those voiceless groups turned out to be parents victimized by DCFS, just like your author. While fighting on the front line for them, we came across two moms, two prayers and two poems. We thought this would be the perfect day to share them with readers.

Angel Warriors. Image courtesy of WallPines.com.

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Out of the heartbroken and devastated army of wrongly victimized parents across America came a handful of mothers. They joined together in a common cause - to get their children back from the government and to bring an end to the industry of removing children from their parents for profit. Their efforts have launched the website Angel Warriors 4 Justice and a current Anonymous offensive called Operation Expose CPS.

Among the hundreds of letters and posts we receive at Whiteout Press from parents, we came across two short entries from two different moms, both fighting the same fight. One was a poem that sounded like a prayer, and the other was a prayer that sounded like a poem. Both displayed the powerful emotion each mother obviously feels. We were touched here at Whiteout Press, and thought you might be too.

From the Whiteout Press poetry section.


Angel Warriors

By Patsy Grant


We’re all broken

and damaged, and

we aren’t quite fixed yet.


A lot of us have gone through hell,

but you know what?

We came back. We came back stronger.


You know why?

Because we are warriors,

and warriors fight.


A Mother’s Prayer

By Angela Borths


On this day grant me strength.

Give me the wisdom and words

to defend my children and family

from possible devastation.


Be my guild, be my voice and help me to remain calm.

Allow me to use the knowledge I’ve learned

to defend my family’s right,

to not be intruded upon unjustly by government and state.


Allow me to be my children’s true advocate,

and to not only go to bat in their time of need,

but to swing a homerun, and allow them to remain home

with the ones who love them, their family.


Walk with me Lord,

on this day,

as you have always done.



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