Poetry is a language, an art, even an emotion. With history dominated by persecuting religions, greedy tycoons and political extremism, poets and their heartfelt creations have almost always been lost without ever being discovered. At Whiteout Press, we love nothing more than giving a voice to the voiceless and helping the helpless. Visit our Poetry page to discover poets and their works that you won’t find anywhere else. Original works by currently unknown authors, mixed with a selection of censored and blacked-out poets through history. Whiteout Press – If it’s blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here!

The Whiteout Press Poetry section is dedicated to Whiteout Press subscriber Christopher Towsley. Mr. Towsley was the first reader to send us an original poem for publication. A man with memories and a single dad with teens, his poems were really, really good. So, we kept publishing them. Now, we've created an entire page to shine a spotlight on the unpublished poets out there, as well as those censored by history. Usually, that's where you find the best stuff.


A Visitor from the Past - Thelen Paulk

I Saw a Wounded Eagle - Thelen Paulk

The Eternal Patriot - Mark Wachtler

Freedom - C M Towsley

Depopulation - IronBoltBruce

True Believers - by GK Thomas

An American Hero - C M Towsley

A Revolutionary Movement - Alice C Fisk


Free Wendy Greene - Mark Wachtler

Erica Lynn - CM Towsley

Pain - CM Towsley

Words - CM Towsley

Being A Man - CM Towsley

Save Your Tears - CM Towsley

If I Grow Up - CM Towsley

God's Home - CM Towsley

Angel Warrior Moms (2 poems)


Christmas Lights - Christopher Towsley

Soldier - Chris Kyte

Christmas Gone - Christopher Towsley

Ghost of Christmas Past - C. Towsley

Watching Someone Leave - C. Towsley

Shiny Stuff - Christopher Towsley


Political Poets you haven't Heard of

American History

Star Spangled Banner - Francis Scott Key

JFK - Christopher Towsley

The Spangled, Star Banner - CM Towsley

Flight 800 TWA - Christopher Towsley

A Good Neighbor - Christopher Towsley


What Must Be Said - Gunter Grass


A Porn in Your Side - Tim Kerton

Cloaking Device - Christopher Towsley

Mother Earth - Christopher Towsley


Body Bags - Christopher Towsley

Paradigm Shift - Chip Holmes

Dying Thirsty - Christopher Towsley

Friendly Fire - Christopher Towsley

MIA - Christopher Towsley


MIA - Christopher Towsley

Frog in Slowly Boiling Pot - D Rafkind

The Crow - GK Thomas

Submit your own original poems, along with a few sentences about yourself or your poem. Or, send us censored and blacked-out poems from history. Email editor@whiteoutpress.com. All poems are voluntarily submitted and will be voluntarily removed upon request by owner/author. We cannot offer any compensation for inclusion on our Poetry Page. In fact, we sincerely ask that you send a small donation to help cover the costs of maintaining this free independent site. Support indy-media - support Whiteout Press!