May 4, 2011

Is Osama bin Laden really dead?

May 4, 2011. Famed anti-war protestor and mother of a fallen US soldier, Cindy Sheehan isn’t the only one questioning the events surrounding the announced killing and immediate elimination of the body of Osama bin Laden.

Students at forensic science colleges dedicated to finding the truth, as well as others, are beginning to search for some kind of confirmation.

“I’m sorry. But if you believe the newest death of Osama bin Laden, you’re stupid” Sheehan reportedly posted on her FB page, following up with, “Just think to yourself – they paraded Saddam’s dead sons around to prove he was dead. – why do you suppose they hastily buried this version of OBL at sea?”.

White House officials have reportedly said they would like to release pictures of the corpse of bin Laden, but fear enraging the greater Muslim world over the condition of his body. Immediately after the incident, media outlets began airing footage of the compound room where bin Laden had allegedly been killed. Cameras panned across the scene of bloody gore and what appeared to be brain debris splattered throughout the room. The White House has confirmed bin Laden was shot in the head while standing unarmed in a compound bedroom.

"Unless there's an acknowledgement by people in Al Qaeda that bin Laden is dead, it may be necessary to release the pictures — as gruesome as they will undoubtedly be, because he's been shot in the head — to quell any doubts that this somehow is a ruse that the American government has carried out" Sen Joe Lieberman (I-CT) told reporters.

Americans aren’t the only ones who could be found questioning whether or not bin Laden was really dead and wondering why the body was destroyed so fast. In the Muslim world, the feeling is much more prevalent. The Los Angeles Times quotes an Egyptian restaurant chef as saying, “He is still alive. He is a clever guy. He is no Hosni Mubarak”. The Times also quotes a stationary store clerk in Pakistan who remarked, “I am sure he will conquer America first. Then he will die”.

While Senator Lieberman is wise to watch for the confirmation of bin Laden’s death from Al Qaeda or the Taliban, it appears those groups are waiting for confirmation themselves. "As the Americans did not provide any acceptable evidence to back up their claim, and as the other aides close to Osama bin Laden have not confirmed or denied the death” a Taliban spokesman released to the global media, “the Islamic Emirate consider any assertion premature".

Even further across the globe, Russian media outlet RT interviewed their military expert Colonel Evgeny Khrushchev. “It’s great news, if that’s true” Khrushchev said, “But it looks like a staged fairytale, first. And secondly, the United States hasn’t proved that the White House has iron-clad, video-taped evidence regarding the operation and how his body was transferred to land-locked Afghanistan later, to be dumped at sea, with all those honors…doesn’t make any sense for me.”

For an even deeper glimpse at those challenging the White House’s announcement regarding the killing of Osama bin Laden, we have to travel across the world yet again, this time stopping at the UK’s Daily Mail and their 2009 study of that exact question – is bin Laden alive? And on this side of the question, people believe Osama bin Laden has already been dead for years.

Quoted in the article are a number of intelligence experts and University Professors including one 2005 American Spectator magazine article. In it, former US foreign intelligence officer and senior editor Angelo M. Codevilla, a professor of international relations at Boston University, stated bluntly, “All the evidence suggests Elvis Presley is more alive today than Osama Bin Laden”.

The Daily Mail quotes political analyst and philosopher Professor David Ray Griffin, former emeritus professor at California's Claremont School of Theology in his book, ‘Osama bin Laded – Dead or Alive?’. The book claims bin Laden actually died of kidney failure on December 13, 2001 in the mountains of Tora Bora. Griffin’s main evidence is that in the prior four appearances of bin Laden before that date, he emphatically rejected the idea that he had any involvement whatsoever in the attacks on 9/11. In each appearance and video tape since, the person Griffin alleges posed as bin Laden changed his sworn statement and was now claiming full responsibility for 9/11.

The book points to the back-to-back video tape releases from November 3, 2001 and December 13, 2001. The November 3rd video shows a sickly, ailing bin Laden, still not claiming any responsibility for 9/11. The tape from December 13th, was “found” by US troops in a home in Jalalabad with a note stuck to it. That video showed a healthy bin Laden, holding a machine gun and clothed in military fatigues. In what would be remarkable luck for President Obama, bin Laden in this newest video not only threatens America, but he inexplicably contradicted all his previous denials of involvement in 9/11 and instead for the first time, claims full responsibility.

The brilliant part for President Obama was that the video was found on the exact same day the US President landed in Saudi Arabia on the first day of is unpopular Middle East tour of Islamic nations, and also home to Osama bin Laden. A trip that was criticized and condemned by many Americans had suddenly been approved by them, thanks to the finding of the bin Laden tape and his threatening remarks. And those points together are what lead Professor Griffin to believe that bin Laden has been dead since December 13, 2001. The physical appearance of Osama bin Laden and the content of his remarks changed 180 degrees that day. Ever since, he claims, the White House and Britain have used fake bin Ladens for their own political purposes.

Griffin claims that was the first of many faked tapes. “A reason to suspect that all of the post-2001 Bin Laden tapes are fabrications is that they often appeared at times that boosted the Bush presidency or supported a claim by its chief 'war on terror' ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The confession tape came exactly when Bush and Blair had failed to prove Bin Laden's responsibility for 9/11 and both men were trying to win international public support, particularly in the Islamic world, for the anti-terrorist campaign”.

Griffin also points out smaller nuances, “He is a weighty man with a black beard, not a grey one. His pale skin had suddenly become darker and he had a different shaped nose. His artistic hands with slender fingers had transformed into those of a pugilist. He looked in exceedingly good health. Furthermore, bin Laden can be seen writing a note with his right hand, although he is left-handed”.

The most obvious of all Griffin’s arguments is Osama bin Laden’s obituary itself. Published December 26, 2001, the day after Christmas and virtually ignored in the Western world, the death announcement appeared in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd. It said a prominent official of the Afghan Taliban had announced that Osama bin Laden had been buried on or about December 13.

'He suffered serious complications and died a natural, quiet death’ the Taliban official reported, ‘He was buried in Tora Bora, a funeral attended by 30 Al Qaeda fighters, close members of his family and friends from the Taliban. By the Wahhabi tradition, no mark was left on the grave'.