December 9, 2013

Will Paris Hilton put a Hit on Lindsay Lohan?

December 9, 2013. Miami. When famous billionaires get beat within an inch of their life, it’s not the result of a carefully planned PR campaign. That was the case Friday when Lindsay Lohan reportedly had her friend beat Paris Hilton’s littler brother to a pulp. The picture of multiple facial lacerations from the obviously brutal beating sent Barron Hilton’s big sis Paris off the deep end, publicly threatening Lohan and her friend.

“They will both pay for what they did,” Paris Hilton posted after seeing a picture of her beaten little brother. Image courtesy of TMZ.

As real as it gets

A brutal confrontation occurred Friday morning at an exclusive house party in a Miami Beach mansion between Lindsay Lohan’s housemate and Paris Hilton’s 24 year-old brother Barron. Paris’ brother released a photo of his battered face only hours after the incident. Immediately after, Paris Hilton went to Instagram and wrote to her 1.7 million followers on the site, “They both will pay for what they did. No one f*cks with my family and gets away with it!!”

It’s no surprise that both groups had others with them who swear their celebrity friends, whether it be Hilton or Lohan, are telling the truth while the others are lying. So, adding intrigue to the Hollywood brawl in Miami, there are two different stories. Fortunately for Barron Hilton, someone shot part of the incident on video. The footage reportedly proves Lohan’s spokespeople weren’t telling the truth when they immediately said she wasn’t even there.

The brawl and two different stories

Since Barron Hilton filed a police report immediately after the attack by Lohan’s male friend, the series of events have been reported by TMZ over the weekend. For starters, Barron Hilton may or may not have been talking trash about Lindsay Lohan at the same party she was attending in the house she was temporary staying at. The two celebrity cliques have been feuding for some time, so it could have been over a past put-down.

At some point during the party, which reportedly began Thursday night and went into the day on Friday, Hilton claims Lindsay Lohan and her male friend approached him together. The friend’s name was reported in a follow-up TMZ report as Ray Lemoine. Hilton claims Lemoine violently attacked him while Lindsay cried out, “You talk sh*t about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get.” According to Barron Hilton’s account, Lemoine then began to savagely beat him while Lindsay happily cheered him on.

At first, everyone referred to the alleged attacker as ‘Lindsay’s boyfriend.’ But he has since released a statement of his own through his representatives. Ray Lemoine insists the mansion is his and Lindsay Lohan is a friend of a friend and he’s is only letting her stay there while she’s in town. He also claims Barron Hilton started the fight and that it all began when the hotel heir refused to leave the party. His statement says Hilton pulled the, “do you know who I am?” card. Lemoine also claims Hilton became violent first by shoving him.

Uh oh, there’s video

When the story was first reported this weekend, Lohan’s family and reps immediately denied she was at the party, insisting that she’s been staying away from alcohol, drugs and trouble. But when TMZ’s follow-up report included a short video of Lindsay Lohan exchanging heated words with Barron Hilton only moments after the brutal beating, the Lohan camp quickly changed their official statements.

Now, Lohan’s family and the friend involved in the fight all simply claim that Lindsay is “innocent” and had “nothing to do with the fight.” Lohan’s mother spoke to Newsday where she insisted that TMZ, “doesn't have the facts. Everything they're saying is not based on fact." But what TMZ does have is the video, and it shows that the original claims that the troubled star wasn’t even there was a lie.

The video is extremely brief, but it shows Lindsay Lohan getting in a black SUV with the door open and arguing with a number of people angrily swarming her and the vehicle. According to the report, it was captured just moments after the attack when Lohan was trying to flee the scene. Confirming the footage is from the same party, other pictures of the star provided by party-goers show Lindsay wearing the exact same outfit as the video footage.

“They will both pay for what they did”

Anyone whose familiar with Paris Hilton, her numerous cable shows, her criminal past, or even her homemade porn video, probably wouldn’t want to make enemies with one of the wealthiest and craziest young women on the planet. Hilton is a convicted criminal herself and no stranger to brief stints behind bars. So, the billion dollar question is, what did Paris Hilton mean when she publicly posted, “They will both pay for what they did.”

Again, those who’ve followed Hilton’s public career, like this author thanks to two teenage daughters, know she has an unrivaled arrogance about her that suggests she knows exactly how rich and powerful she is. She once boasted that she was the closest thing America had to a real princess. As evil Mr. Burns from the Simpsons puts it, “What’s the use of having a billion dollars if you can’t have someone killed?”

If we take Paris literally, she’s just going to send Lohan and Lemoine the hospital bill. But in the real world, when someone attacks one of your immediate family members for reportedly no reason and beats them beyond recognition, “going to pay” means cruel and unbridled violence. I can hear Paris Hilton’s fans already arguing, ‘she doesn’t have a violent bone in her body.’ The truth is, as self-absorbed as she always appears, she actually has a fragile, gentle kindness to her that so many people actually love about her.

But as Mr. Burns says, that’s what a billion dollars is for. And anyone who’s ever encountered a beautiful, irate woman demanding violent retribution, knows full well that that beautiful woman doesn’t need to lift a finger to accomplish it. If she’s hot enough or rich enough, there will be a line around the block of guys more than willing to risk prison to impress her. Paris won’t have to say a word, or even know them.

For its part, Americans are probably more interested in watching two train wrecks collide than in seeing legal justice for a brutal beating. It’s rare that above-the-law celebrities cross over into the real world. But Barron Hilton’s beating was just that. And if Paris continues to publicly threaten Lindsay Lohan with hints of violence or even death, it may just happen without her. That’s the power of celebrity.


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