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NROL-16 Prometheus (2005)

Spy Mission NROL-16 was titled, ‘Prometheus.’ According to Greek mythology, Prometheus was the Titan that created mankind from clay, exactly like the God of the Christian and Jewish religions. Prometheus was also known as a ‘trickster’ and ‘deceiver’ who rebelled against the Gods and was punished by being chained to a rock for eternity where he would be forever tortured by an eagle that came to feast on his organs everyday.

Like many of the others, the NROL-16 logo and mission patch also include the carnivorous eyes of a predator peering out from the darkness. But hidden within the flames of the rocket are another set of hidden eyes, spying on the world. The animal-looking face hidden in the flames transforms the rocket’s fiery exhaust into the head of an animal with its face clearly and made completely out of fire.


NROL-19 Homer (2003)

Spy Mission NROL-19 is named ‘Homer’ and is typical of the others in that the logo and mission patch feature an angry fire-breathing dragon with red eyes and displayed fangs, clutching the Earth in its sharp claws. The dragon has wings made from American flags and its tail is mysteriously clutching a diamond.


NROL-19-2 Homer 2 (2003)

The mission’s secondary logo and patch is itself in the shape of a six-sided diamond and includes the phrase, ‘VOS INTUEBOR.’ Translated from Latin, it either means, ‘you defend us’ or ‘we defend you.’ Like the rest, the logo features the hunting eyes of a predator hidden in the darkness. The logo also includes the silhouette of a long-range military bomber and a Centaur from ancient mythology. The name, ‘Homer’ of course refers to the ancient Greek poet who penned the ‘Iliad and the Odyssey.’

NROL-27 Gryphon (2011)

Spy Mission NROL-27 is named, ‘Gryphon’ which is the name of an ancient legendary creature credited with guarding and protecting the Gods. The mission patch and logo confirm that notion by including the phrase, ‘Gryphon Custos Divini,’ which translates into ‘protector of the Gods.’ The patch and logo feature a half-bird half-lion and the slogan, ‘We Will Prevail.’ Again, the reference clearly suggests that the American government is made up of Gods and the nation’s spy agencies are their protectors.


NROL-32 nameless (2010)

Spy Mission NROL-32 had no official name and two separate components. The mission’s slogan was ‘ANNUIT CCEPTIS’ which is featured on the United States official seal and means, ‘God favors our endeavors.’ The logo and mission patch includes no less than three ancient pyramids and the all-seeing eye.




NROL-32-2 nameless (2010)

The mission’s secondary logo and mission patch is even more cult-like. It features a bold pyramid made of gold with the all-seeing eye of a bird, also made of gold, laid over it. The bird is obviously the Illuminati’s owl rather than the American eagle because it is the government spying on the people, not the other way around.

NROL-38 Drake (2012)

Spy Mission NROL-38 was named ‘Drake’ and is the focus of disagreement over what the mission’s tag line really means. Launched in 2012, the mission’s logo and patch include a pyramid with three angry dragons about to pounce on the Earth. The logo also includes the line, ‘NON MORIERIS BELLO’ which pro-spying supporters say translates into, ‘You are not going to war.’ Most students of antiquity however insist the slogan has the opposite meaning and is translated as, ‘you will go, you will come back, you will not die in war.’ In other words, they suggest the line means America is going to war, but will be victorious.

NROL-49 Betty (2011)

Spy Mission NROL-49 is perhaps the most blatant use of Satanic symbolism and the most obvious admission by America’s spy agencies that they are in fact evil. The spy mission’s logo is of a black eagle clutching something in its talons and emerging from a field of fire with the American flag overhead. The slogan on the logo and mission patch reads, ‘Melior Diabolus Quem Scies.’ Believe it or not, that translates into, ‘Better the devil you know.’ That mission tagline seems to admit that US spy agencies view themselves as the Devil. And as the phrase informs mankind, it’s better to be enslaved by the Devil you know than by a Devil you don’t know.

NROL-49-2 Betty 2 (2011)

The secondary logo and mission patch for NROL-49 is one of the more mysterious and unsolved riddles from the various American spy agency occult symbols and phrases. The logo, according to most observers, features an all-black female devil with wings and large breasts. The gray smoke on the image contains letters, but it’s unclear what they mean or reference. What isn’t unclear is the phrase chosen for this spy mission, ‘Primoris Gravis Ex Occasus.’

Amateur translators suggest it means, ‘first heavy from the West.’ But one linguist took the phrase apart one word at a time so readers could make up their own mind as to what the mysterious Latin slogan means. ‘Primoris’ means ‘first’. ‘Gravis’ means ‘important, heavy, or serious’. And Ex Occasus could mean a number of similar metaphors including, ‘sunset’, ‘west’, ‘fall’ or ‘end’. Put together, it could translate to, ‘the first fall of the West’ or ‘the beginning of the end of the West.’


We’ll leave readers to draw their own conclusions from the assortment of logos and mission patches used by the Director of the Office of National Intelligence and his 16 American spy agencies. As far as we at Whiteout Press are concerned, it’s frightening and unsettling to see such an obvious and official display of Devil worship, tributes to evil, and the recurring insistence that the American government has replaced God. Perhaps the conspiracy theorists were right all along in their timeless warnings about the US federal government and its mysterious cult connections.

The common threads of the various US spy logos are; the all-seeing eye, the pyramid, world domination, devil worship, man is God, and the fall of America. Believe it or not, each and every one of those is a major and founding tenet of the Illuminati. We didn’t make it up. It’s been documented time and again throughout history. And if there was ever a smoking gun that proves the evil secret society has infiltrated, or even overthrown, the United States government, this is it.


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