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October 19, 2012


Lady Gaga Perfume Fame another Illuminati Tribute

October 19, 2012. (ONN) Sydney. It’s the worst kept secret in the music industry – Lady Gaga is a Satan-worshiping agent of the ultra-secret Illuminati. For something that is supposed to be a secret, Gaga always goes the extra mile to promote it. Her new perfume Fame is no exception. The fragrance and its carefully crafted marketing matrix is yet another Lady Gaga effort saturated with obvious tributes to Lucifer, genocide and the rest of the Illuminati creed.

Lady Gaga's new perfume Fame reportedly includes in its ingredients; blood, human semen and an ancient hallucinogenic ingredient of witch's potions.

Back in 2011, we wrote about Lady Gaga’s obsessive devotion to the Illuminati, its symbols and beliefs. It has since become one of the most popular articles ever published by Whiteout Press. Now, with the introduction of Lady Gaga’s new perfume Fame, another chapter is added to the mysterious performer’s endless allegiance to the murderous secret society hell-bent on killing 90% of mankind and the enslavement of the rest.

Read ‘Lady Gaga, Satanism and the Illuminati’ for countless examples, photographs and other specifics regarding Gaga’s affinity for the Luciferian organization.

Lady Gaga’s origin

Stefani Germanotta – aka Lady Gaga – burst onto the music scene six years ago. Mysterious and unknown, she was actually the product of Convent of the Sacred Heart, an all-girls Catholic school in Manhattan. With a comfortable and religious upbringing, the future star then graduated from the prestigious New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

How does a good Catholic girl suddenly switch sides and become a Satan-worshiping member of the Illuminati? That’s the still unanswered question.

Lady Gaga and the Illuminati

We detailed Lady Gaga’s connection to the dark order in last year’s article writing, ‘As many followers have pointed out recently, Lady Gaga is much too obvious and blatant about her Illuminati loyalties for it to be a coincidence. And her perception and precision with regard to the secret society’s symbolism, beliefs, history and culture are so spot on accurate, it makes many wonder if she, or someone behind her,  is the real deal. If it’s true, think of it as a Dark Sith Overlord being discovered in the land of the Jedi. With the tens of millions of dollars she’s earned thanks to her Illuminati friends at the helm of America’s entertainment industry, if she wasn’t a member of the Illuminati before, she most certainly is now.’

Lady Gaga often imitates the devil Baphomet.


Lady Gaga’s new perfume – Fame

For just $128, you too can purchase the Lady Gaga Fame gift set, complete with a small bottle of the black – “like the soul of fame” – perfume, which changes from black to transparent upon contact with air. You will also receive your very own temporary tattoo of a female warrior-skeleton. And to top it all off, Fame is actually made from a bizarre list of ingredients – ingredients that the perfume’s promoters suggest is an actual magik witchcraft potion.

In a write-up of Lady Gaga and her perfume by The Vigilant Citizen, the outlet quotes Australian fashion writer Felix London:

‘Described on the packaging the fragrances ingredients read as follows; tears of belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchid with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops. Belladonna, Italian for ‘Beautiful Woman’ and officially known as ‘Atropa Belladonna’ is an extremely poisonous plant that causes hallucinations, delirium and other psychological effects like mind dissociation. Ancient folklore tells that Atropa Belladonna was tended to by the devil himself.’

Keeping in mind Lady Gaga’s obsession with mind-control and brainwashing, London goes on to give readers a brief history of one of Fame’s key ingredients:

‘Pre-dating the middle ages and throughout history the herb Atropa Belladonna was a key ingredient in magick and was widely used by witches in aid of flying, otherwise known as astrotravel or astroprojection. It was believed that this herb had the ability to dissociate one’s mind from its physical body, putting the user into a hypnotic trance, enabling the witches to spiritually leave the body during the ritual work.’

Blood and semen

Including a poisonous, hallucinogenic sexual stimulant as a perfume ingredient isn’t the only surprise consumers will be shocked to find out. According to Australian Felix London, Lady Gaga’s perfume Fame also includes blood and semen. It’s no coincidence that those are two key ingredients in a number of potions and witchcraft spells.

London goes on to report:

‘Whilst not noted on the packaging, the next key ingredient is a synthetic pheromone based on the molecular structure of male semen. Semen is filled with pheromones that transmit an increased sexual desire to whoever smells it. Semen is also a very powerful ingredient in any spell work or Magick along with blood, which is also a key component of this fragrance. The mixing of blood and semen is straight out of hermetic magick, founded by infamous occultist and self-proclaimed ‘Beast’ Aleister Crowley.

Combining the two for magical purposes forms part of the Gnostic Mass, ritualized sex magick. Blood has a powerful spiritual truth inherent within it. Blood binds the spiritual and physical together. When used inside a ritual or sacrament, it will create either a contract of covenant. The synthetic ingredient in this fragrance that adds the blood was based on the exact molecular structure of a sample of Lady Gagas own blood. Essentially she has shed her blood so the masses may wear it. Perhaps ‘mother monster’ as she refers to herself is anointing her ‘little monsters’ AKA fans through her perfume and in doing so consecrating them to herself.’

The German Nazi connection

In all of Fame’s promotional materials, credit for the fragrance is given to Lady Gaga’s own ‘Haus Laboratories’. Haus is German for House, perhaps referring to Lady Gaga’s house of followers and disciples. And remember, Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Germanotta. It’s probably safe to assume Lady Gaga is German by birth and bloodline.

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Adding another German connection to the perfume is the soundtrack for the product’s video commercial. ‘Scheiße’ is not only the name of the music track, but it’s also the German word for ‘shit’. London’s report describes that song saying Gaga talks in an ‘almost chant like German gibberish’. The Australian believes Lady Gaga is attempting to subliminally link her perfume and her legions of fans and disciples with the same occult movement that Adolf Hitler and his fellow Nazis practiced, most especially Nazi mind-control experiments.

Fame’s video commercial

Commenting on the promotional video (watch below) for Lady Gaga’s Fame, Felix London says, ‘The visuals for the commercial further enforce the theme of mind control and the occult…The scenes that schizophrenically dart back and forth on the screen employ classic examples of mind control symbolism. Dissociated vacant eyes, blood curdling screams and tortured facial expressions from Gaga herself’.

London goes on to comment, ‘There is also an undeniable element of occult ritual symbolism…The reflections of gaga in the mirrors to create three images of herself, three being a very powerful number to occultists. The scenes depicting a stylized, satanic-like ritual where Gaga struts between men cloaked in red and near naked, faces distorted by black masking tape over one eye, kneeling before them.’

Of course, the Illuminati’s ‘all seeing eye’ is Lady Gaga’s most prized form of symbolism. Tens of thousands of pictures exist of the performer covering one eye or using her hands to create a pyramid over one of her eyes. It’s no coincidence that the Illuminati’s favorite symbol is also Lady Gaga’s favorite symbol.

Lady Gaga likes to imitate the Illuminati's 'all seeing eye'.

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Finally, Lady Gaga presents the sexual aspect of both her perfume’s ‘sex magik’ power and the historic sexual deviancy of occultists and their rituals. London finishes by describing the video’s theme of female sexual dominance coupled with male dominance over the female’s mind and body.

London concludes:

‘In various scenes Gaga is depicted as smearing a black substance across a man’s face, laying on top of another man holding him down, a blown-up vision of Gaga is seen reclining nude with only her modesty barely covered by tiny men crawling on her body and even seen emerging from her own lips as a crowned queen wielding a gun.’

With the evidence and self-proclaimed occult ingredients public knowledge, the question begs -  is Lady Gaga’s new perfume Fame a marketing and promotional stunt? Or is it an actual witch’s potion used in occult spells? The answer is simple – it’s both.

For more information, read the 2011 article from Whiteout Press, ‘Lady Gaga, Satanism and the Illuminati’. Watch the promotional video for Fame below.

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