September 7, 2011

Prediction - President and Emperor Santorum

September 7, 2011. Verona, PA. Who exactly is Rick Santorum? That’s a question most Americans, including many Republican primary voters, can’t seem to answer. For the highest ranking candidate in the entire field of GOP presidential hopefuls, that’s a peculiar scenario. Make no mistake however, that’s exactly how the behind-the-scenes power players want it. You see, the people that rule the world, the ‘shadow government’ as some call them, have already chosen former US Senator Rick Santorum to be the next President of the United States.

former US Sen Rick Santorum


Four years ago at this time, we were one of the first to predict that a little-known politician out of Chicago’s notoriously corrupt Democratic Machine, Barack Obama, would be our next President. That was before he announced his candidacy and before most even knew who he was. With that said, we at Whiteout Press would like to make our early prediction for the 2012 Presidential election. Mark our words, Rick Santorum will be the next President of the United States.

If you the readers would like to mark another one of our controversial predictions, take note. Americans will spend the next decade debating what type of government is preferable – a democratic republic or an empire ruled by a republican dictatorship. As incredible as it sounds that America is making the exact same transition from Republic to Empire that ancient Rome made 2,000 years ago, the truth is, we’re already a decade into the transition. And that leads us to former US Senator Rick Santorum.

Perhaps it’s not so much Senator Santorum’s platform, ideas or track record that set him apart from the rest of the Republican field. It may simply be that he is one of only two ‘globalists’ running for the White House in a sea of particularly weak GOP candidates. And the other candidate from the New World Order, Mitt Romney, can’t win. Also, while the Republican field has a number of candidates who vocally support an American Empire over a democratic republic, the former Pennsylvania Senator is the only one that is publicly supporting the global empire path. And that was the secret sign to New World Order supporters everywhere that he, Rick Santorum, is their candidate.

To see how former Senator Santorum might end up in the White House, let’s trace the steps.

  • Santorum stays in the back and out of the mud slinging in these early days. His goal is to be one of the last 3 standing and then make his move for the lead. Now, the frontrunners simply have targets on their backs and will take each other out.

  • He continually polls in the middle of the pack – within striking distance but without appearing to be a threat. His numbers are also on the rise and not declining like Romney and Bachmann.
  • He’s pushing his extreme religious views to receptive Iowa voters and will do well there. But unlike the other GOP candidates doing the same thing, he’s affirming his belief that the Federal government comes before all, including God. Instead of skirting the middle like Rep. Ron Paul by being personally religious but refusing to let it affect his political decisions, Santorum is actually playing both sides. He’s willing to have a limited Theocracy, but only until it gets in the way of the globalist’s ambitions.
  • He’s handsome. In fact, we at Whiteout Press once took an unfair shot at Rick Santorum by comparing his perfect face to that of the Woody doll in the movie Toy Story – it never seems to change or show emotion.
  • In the Iowa Straw Poll Debate, the former Senator repeatedly challenged Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) over Paul’s America-first positions. He also didn’t hesitate to attack Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) each time she supported State’s rights over an American Empire. While Bachmann, the chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus, is also a firm supporter of an American Empire over an American democracy, she is also an America-firster. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Quarrelsome Questions Mire Great Iowa Debate’ for details.
  • The Republican field will self-destruct. Santorum has positioned himself just outside the blast zone. One thing almost all political pundits agree on is that the Republican field of candidates this election cycle is on the verge of embarrassing.

That brings us to Rick Santorum’s Republican Primary opponents.

  • Texas Governor Rick Perry has some seriously extreme views that suggest he believes the Confederacy won America’s Civil War and ancient Egypt didn’t exist. He’s also firmly in favor of a wide open border with Mexico at a time when the vast majority of Americans want the border closed. Cheap labor is one of Perry’s tactics to create jobs. While the corporation wing of the GOP and the super-rich also support a Mexican invasion of America for the inexpensive labor, the American people are firmly against it. Perry is also a recent Democrat who ran Al Gore’s campaign in Texas. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Who is Texas Governor Rick Perry’ for more background.
  • Mitt Romney would have the nomination all but locked-up by now if he had any chance of winning. Instead, GOP leaders and fundraisers have been begging for some better choices in this primary. With Rick Perry being the answer, the Republican power players aren’t happy. In their opinion, Romney is a political chameleon who flip-flops every time the wind blows. Romney’s also not a social conservative as required by the party faithful. He’s a Mormon on top of it and when he was Governor, he pushed through Obamacare before it was called Obamacare. In the big picture, the more Americans get to know Mitt Romney, the more convinced they are that he’s another one of those rich people that disdains the peasants that make up the vast majority of America so much that he’s completely out of touch with reality.

  • Michele Bachmann doesn’t have a chance. She was the national mainstream media’s tool to trick the American people into having any interest at all in this GOP primary. Without her, ratings and ad revenues would be a third of what they are right now. The Minnesota Congresswoman is attractive, polarizing and she never fails to launch a verbal hand grenade. While she did bury her first one-on-one opponent, former MN Governor Tim Pawlenty, Bachmann continues to have ethics issues, as well as problems with her common sense. She claims to be a fierce supporter of the US Constitution, but she continuously votes to extend the Patriot Act that dissolved the Constitution. She’s repeatedly stated that she wants the States to have ultimate authority on issues such as abortion and gay marriage. But in the following sentence, she also supports the Federal government’s power to overrule the States. She can’t have it both ways and continuously demonstrates her political ignorance by taking both sides. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Bachmann in Trouble over Extreme Church Views’ for more information.
  • If Ron Paul were to win the GOP nomination, there would be a civil war within the GOP that would guarantee its defeat in November. The Texas Congressman is the only candidate in the race on either side that has repeatedly demonstrated his unconditional support for the American people, all the people. The chief defender of liberty in the US House for the past two decades, Paul has made powerful enemies, including the so called ‘shadow government’ that rules the Republican Party and our entire Federal government. Pay attention to the mainstream media and watch how they purposely leave Rep. Paul out of every story. And when they do mention the Congressman, you’d think they were talking about a mental patient. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Mainstream Media not so Mainstream’ for specific examples. If Ron Paul were to capture the GOP nomination, America would see the most drastic realignment of political parties in US history. The rich and powerful of both parties would temporarily flock behind President Obama and his support for the ‘anything goes’ policies toward corporations and the super rich. While that happens, pro-American voters of all persuasions – Republicans, Democrats and independents alike, would flock to Paul’s corner. Unfortunately for the Texas Congressman, the American people aren’t strong enough to defeat a candidate backed by an alliance of the world’s corporations and America’s labor unions.
  • Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is the wild card. As President Obama’s Ambassador to China, Huntsman is a veteran of the globalist team. His biggest problem is that he betrayed them when he chose to join Rep. Paul in his fight for the American people against the world’s ‘shadow government’. Nobody in that field is more familiar with the global power brokers than Huntsman and he’s publicly changed teams and come over to the American people’s side. At one of the recent debates, his fellow Republican hopefuls actually told him he was running for President in the wrong party. While Huntsman’s efforts are noble these days, nobody knows if it’s just an act to capture the hearts of the American people before he switches back to his corporate loyalties, similar to what President Obama did. In the end, the former Utah Governor is trying to walk down the middle of the road. Much like prison, the stock market and the freeway, that’s usually a bad move. Huntsman is already too busy defending himself against both wings of his own party to launch an effective campaign. But only time will tell. Read the recent Whiteout Press article ‘Jon Huntsman Comes out Swinging’ for more information about Jon Huntsman.

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  • The remaining GOP candidates – Johnson, Gingrich, Cain and even Sarah Palin if she were to enter the race – have demonstrated they simply don’t have the support to make a serious challenge. Palin’s and Gingrich’s negative poll numbers make it mathematically impossible for either of them to win. And Johnson and Cain are unknown and without the coveted backing of the mainstream media needed to change that.

That leaves us only one remaining option – former PA Senator Rick Santorum.

In a general election against President Obama, Santorum will use his legitimacy, seriousness, intelligence, good looks and global allies to make the President appear to be a fool, and the American people fools if they vote for him again. President Obama has lost a large amount of his support, including most of America’s independent voters. By raising taxes on the poor, bailing out the super rich and the unions but nobody else, cutting Medicare for the first time in history, launching new wars on top of refusing to end the current wars, and breaking almost every campaign promise he made en route to the White House, President Obama has a serious problem on his hands. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Obama Approval Rating at 39 Percent’ for more information.

But what about those independents? Representing more than 40 percent of the American people, independents have been longing for a candidate of their own since the days of Ross Perot. By the way, everything Ross Perot predicted would happen if America kept on the Bush/Clinton course, actually happened. America is bankrupt just as he said we would be.

That was two decades ago however. Is there an independent candidate out there today that can challenge the two main parties for the White House? With local and state laws all but banning independents and third parties from our electoral system, there is no standing army of independents out there waiting to hit the precincts. Any independent candidate would need to be either famous or rich to have a chance against the Republicans, Democrats and the mainstream media who continuously portray independents as mutants with six arms and three heads.

Time will tell if there is an independent candidate out there to challenge the Republican and Democratic nominees. Being an independent news outlet, as well as a staunch defender of independent voters and independent candidates, Whiteout Press will be releasing a list of all the candidates running for President as independents in the coming days. Stay tuned for more details.

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