September 26, 2011


NORAD Questions NYC’s National Defense Posture

September 26, 2011. New York. (ONN) With so many holes in the US Federal government’s strategy to protect against future terror attacks, local authorities have taken it upon themselves to protect their own local citizens.

NORAD - Cheyenne Mountain

Since 9/11, no other city in the US has been forced to upgrade its defenses and stay one step ahead of the terrorists like New York City. But when NYPD Chief Ray Kelly told CBS’ 60 Minutes this weekend that his department had the ability to shoot planes out of the sky, many Americans nervously took notice – none more than the folks at NORAD.

It’s no secret that the US is lacking in its national defenses. For a full decade, Americans have questioned why the Federal government concentrates its efforts against the whole of the American people instead of the terrorists. In addition to monitoring all of our internet visits, text messages, bank transactions, telephone calls and every other aspect of our daily lives, the Feds have added strip searches, nude scanners and even molesting children at our airports to their anti-terror measures. Read the Whiteout Press article from earlier this month, ‘Charge - Raped by the TSA’ for one victim’s detailed experience.

But what about the thousands of ships and millions of large freight containers arriving from all ports of the world, without being checked by anyone? What about our nation’s food supply and water supply, almost none of which is guarded? What about our open borders? Critics have always warned that anytime the terrorists want to attack again, all they have to do is smuggle a dirty bomb or a full nuke in with a bundle of marijuana from Mexico.

After telling 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley that the New York Police have the ability to shoot an airplane out of the sky, Pelley quickly asked, “Do you mean the NYPD has the means to take down an aircraft?” Chief Ray Kelly confirmed, “Yes, I prefer not to get into the details. But obviously this would be in an extreme situation.”

Current and retired Federal officials, insulted and apparently concerned by the news, quickly took to the airwaves to site their disbelief in the Chief’s claims. Some wondered where the local police think they get the authority to shoot down an airliner. Others wondered just what kind of weapons the NYC police department possesses.

NORAD spokesperson John Cornelio made it abundantly clear that, “NORAD remains responsible for defending the US and Canada from air attacks on our nations.” He also mentioning that protecting the skies is what jet fighters are for. And NORAD has the authority and responsibility to unilaterally take defensive action using the country’s air forces to counter any future air attack.

Critics however, remind us that NORAD was responsible on 9/11 too. They were so arrogant and over-confident that they only had a handful of jet fighters available to protect the whole country. We at Whiteout Press would love to tell our readers how many fighters were assigned to our nation’s defenses that day, but the documentary ‘Loose Change’ was removed from YouTube by NBC. NBC is owned by General Electric, one of the nation’s largest defense contractors. GE’s CEO is Jeff Immelt, also President Obama’s Job Czar. And to give you an idea of what kind of people these are, Mr. Immelt is also that man that just moved GE’s x-ray division headquarters from Wisconsin to China after more than 100 years there. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Jobs Czar Sends American Jobs to China’ for details.

Add to the above that when our nation’s fighters were scrambled on 9/11, they flew in the wrong direction, seeking out 1950’s Russian bombers coming across the Atlantic. Because of the Federal government’s less than stellar record in the field of national defense, few can criticize cities like New York for taking drastic actions. But that brings us to those two very important questions.

Who gave the NYC Police Department the right to shoot down airplanes?

President Bush’s Patriot Act created thousands of secret government programs and agencies when it abolished the US Constitution. Presumably, the authority would stem from one of the thousands of agencies and private contractors now tasked with our nation’s defense. Read the Whiteout Press Special Report, ‘Top Secret America’ for more information.

How would the NYC Police shoot down an airliner?

Police spokesmen have previously bragged that their helicopters are equipped with military weaponry able to take down a small, slow-flying aircraft. To take out a high-flying or fast-moving commercial jet, the NY police would need surface to air missiles because they obviously don’t have an air force.

To give some examples of just how far the city of New York has taken its national defense responsibility, YouTube is filled with videos of military ‘sound weapons’ mounted on NYPD trucks. Other secret weapons currently used by various local police agencies, all of which are designed for ‘people control’ not police protection, include laser beams, microwave energy blasters and non-lethal chemical weapons. The prospect that a local police chief can order a commercial airliner filled with 300 American citizens to be blown out of the sky probably shouldn’t be surprising.

The question this raises is, who’s in charge of our nation’s national defense? According to the Whiteout Press Special Report mentioned above, ‘Top Secret America’, the nation’s defenses are in chaos, with millions of employees, thousands of secret agencies and thousands of private corporations. The report also confirms that the multi-billion dollar computer system the government purchased to spy on Americans is having problems. The system couldn’t handle the 1.7 billion emails, voice mails and phone calls that it was not only monitoring, but downloading onto servers for future and closer analysis.

So while the Federal government is busy wasting the country’s national defense money and resources spying on Americans, the city of New York will go on protecting our nation from air attacks. And they’ll probably do a much better job. Based on the Federal government’s record, they certainly can’t do any worse.


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