November 2, 2011

Israel Preparing to Launch Nuclear War

November 2, 2011. Tel Aviv. With leaks by global governments flooding the news circuit this week, it’s looking more and more as if Israel is preparing to launch a preemptive nuclear strike to disable Iran’s nuclear program. At the same time, Israel is pushing the envelope with other aggressive actions.

Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly pushing for nuclear strike on Iran

24 hours after a UN agency admitted Palestine into its member body, the Jewish state announced its plan to accelerate its illegal settlements. It’s an act that has been universally criticized including a public condemnation by Israel’s closest ally the US.

The US has little room to criticize however. To punish the UN’s Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for admitting the Palestinians as their 195th member, US officials cut-off funding for the agency that manages the Pacific Ocean’s Tsunami early warning system. Israel immediately followed by freezing all Palestinian assets and announcing approval for 1,650 new settlements in East Jerusalem, 327 in the West Bank, 277 in Efrat and 50 in Ma’aleh Adumim.

Israeli officials then turned their attention toward Iran. Haaretz news service published secret Israeli communications to their diplomats the world over. Those documents instructed Israel’s representatives to impress upon their assigned countries the fact that the window to stop Iran’s nuclear program via nonmilitary sanctions is rapidly closing. If harsher measures aren’t taken immediately, they warn, a military strike will be the only remaining option.

Haaretz reports:

"The significant progress that has taken place on all the components of the Iranian nuclear program should be emphasized, especially uranium enrichment," said a classified cable sent to Israeli ambassadors in several dozen countries. "The Iranian program is military, and in light of International Atomic Energy Agency reports, there is an increased fear that the Iranians are developing a nuclear warhead for ballistic missiles."

A US State Dept official spoke anonymously to Israel’s YNET News. The official claims there is heightened concern within the Obama White House that Israel will act unilaterally and launch a military strike against Iran. Such an act could throw the Middle East into a regional war on a nuclear level. The story also claims US officials have reached out to Russia and China, warning them of the impending hostilities if the two countries continue their stubborn backing of Iran’s nuclear program. The US hope is that increased sanctions on Iran will convince the Israelis not to attack the Islamic state.

The latest communication leaks today reveal it may be too late.

This weekend, the New York Times reported the US is preparing to send additional troops to Kuwait. From that strategic location, they could easily attack Iran or even bolster Iraqi forces should Iran decide to take advantage of its widespread support among the Iraqi people and open a war front against US forces and the pro-American Iraqi government.

The US isn’t the only country moving forces into Iraq and Kuwait in preparation for an impending regional conflict. Countries reported to have military bases within Iraq include the US, Turkey, Iran and possibly Syria. Even Israel is reported to have unmanned military drone bases being built in Iraq. Read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Israel Joins Iran, Turkey in Iraq’ for details.

Both Israeli publications cited above mention another worrisome claim – that both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak have approved a nuclear strike on Iran. After Israel’s bombing of Iran’s first nuclear program in 1986, Iran moved its nuclear program into bunkers under mountains. Israel lost its ability to destroy the facilities with conventional bunker busting bombs. Since then, US and Israeli cyber terror teams attacked Iran’s German made computers in an attempt to halt the program again. Initial reports cited success in that mission. But recent accounts over the past few days detailing the urgent need to attack now suggest otherwise.

The unnamed US diplomatic sources are reported to believe the US doesn’t want a confrontation with Iran or even a limited war between Israel and the Arab and Muslim world. Instead, US officials are said to prefer intensified sanctions as a way to force Iran to abandon its program to develop nuclear weapons.

Showing just how serious and just how close the world is to a nuclear war within the Middle East, Israel test launched a long-range missile capable of not only striking Iran, but also designed to deliver a nuclear warhead. The missile was launched from a location near Palmachim military base outside of Tel Aviv. Israeli Defense Minister Barak said of the missile launch, “This is an impressive technological achievement and an important step in Israel's rocket and space progress. The successful experiment proves again that the engineers, technicians and staff of the Israeli defense industries are of the highest level."

Iran also has missile systems capable of striking Israel. And while Iran doesn’t have the ability to produce nuclear payloads themselves, there’s no guarantee a rogue nation like Pakistan, North Korea or even China or Russia haven’t sold them cold war era nukes. In addition to support throughout the Middle East, Iran also has chemical and biological weapons and the means to give Israel a tough fight. If war breaks out due to a unilateral nuclear attack by Israel, the conflict will immediately spread throughout the region. With the US backing Israel and Russia and China backing Iran, Nostradamus’ predictions of the first days of World War 3 are suddenly and strangely upon us.


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