October 7, 2011

Feds Guilty of Their Own Crime on Marijuana

October 7, 2011. San Francisco. Each of California’s US Attorneys announced today that they were combining their efforts to wipe out legal Medical marijuana shops throughout the nation’s largest state. Even though medical marijuana is completely legal according to city, county and state law in California, as well as 15 other states, certain segments of the Federal government continue their vigilant crusade against the age-old treatment. At the same time, the Federal government itself has been buying and selling marijuana for medicinal purposes for decades.

Ever since California became the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana for medicinal use in 1996, Federal agencies like the DEA have repeatedly tried to shut the industry down. Unfortunately, their targets typically involve wheelchair-bound, decapitated Iraqi war veterans or frail, terminally ill cancer patients with only weeks or months to live. Carrying them away in handcuffs, DEA agents are used to angry shouts by witnesses and bystanders. “Why don’t you go bust a meth lab, you wussies” one heckler was caught on video yelling.

And while 15 states and the District of Colombia have all legalized medical marijuana, the Feds just won’t stop their crusade. Targeting regular sick Americans over ten dollars in marijuana seems almost anti-American when you consider at the same time, the ATF was caught supplying Mexican drug cartels with thousands of machine guns and other military assault rifles. Perhaps the DEA’s time would be better spent investigating the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. America’s cities are drowning in blood caused by those same ATF guns and those same Mexican Cartels. When was the last time anyone heard of a drive-by shooting outside a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco?

An even deeper look into the Federal government’s policy on medical marijuana reveals a gross hypocrisy, a criminal drug ring according to the DEA’s own statements. Yes, as revealed by Associated Press last week, the Federal government actually buys and resells medical marijuana to American citizens. Federal prosecutors and DEA agents in California insist the sale of medical marijuana is illegal in every way, shape and form. And they continue to vow to put an end to the practice. That pledge only seems to reveal the ignorance of these four Federal prosecutors and their agents at the DEA.

The Associated Press article starts with the humorous story of a 72 year old woman, blind in one eye. While a passenger in a car that was pulled over in Oregon, she was arrested for possession of marijuana. The woman swore she was a legal recipient of the pot, sold to her directly by the US Federal government. Police supervisors were skeptical, but checked her story. After both the US Attorney’s office and the US Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed her story, the woman was released and given back her government weed.

According to AP’s research, a 1976 court settlement legalized medical marijuana. The Federal government even created its own program for growing and distributing it. While the government stopped accepting new patients in 1992, the program continues to supply medical marijuana to the patients still alive and still in the program.

The 72 year old woman mentioned in the AP article enrolled in the Federal government’s medical marijuana program in 1988 and she couldn’t be happier. She insists her case is proof positive that marijuana works as well as any medicine.

When AP contacted the US National Institute on Drug Abuse for a comment on the apparent hypocrisy, spokesman Steve Gust argued that the government has only continued to supply the marijuana “for compassionate reasons”. How ironic. That’s the exact same reason California and the other 15 states are doing it. This also presents a situation where the Federal government is putting cancer, AIDS and war victims in prison for simply smoking pot to relieve their pain. At the same time, those very same Federal agents are selling pot to other cancer, AIDS and war victims.

Marijuana was actually legal in the United States since the nation’s beginning. During the mid nineteenth century, the plant was even recognized as an official medicine. During the mid-1930’s however, misinformation campaigns led to a social hysteria against marijuana and it was banned by the Federal government.

Today, the Federal government’s marijuana production and distribution network casts a wide net spanning a number of states. According to the same AP research, the Federal government’s marijuana fields are located on the property of the University of Mississippi. There, the Federal government’s entire marijuana crop is grown in one location. When Federal officials decide their marijuana buds are ripe and ready for harvest, the marijuana is picked.

From Mississippi, the Federal government then traffics the marijuana shipment to a facility in North Carolina. There, the drugs are cleaned, chopped, rolled into perfect joints and prepped for distribution. The Federal government typically scores a half pound of weed for each customer, rolled into 300 joints and packed into metal tins. From the Federal government’s secret facility in North Carolina, the marijuana shipments are then distributed to patients once a month at different points throughout the nation.

Please excuse the heavy sarcasm at the end of this particular article. While we here at Whiteout Press support the legalization of medical marijuana, we respect the opposing view as well. To find out the Federal government is persecuting and prosecuting sick and dieing people and shutting down medical marijuana dispensaries in California, while at the same time operating their own medical marijuana dispensaries in Mississippi and North Carolina, it’s just a sad, sad, shame.


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