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August 9, 2012

Could Vice President Ron Paul be in the works?

August 9, 2012. Orem, UT. Something peculiar’s been occurring since the day Rick Santorum dropped out of the GOP race for President, leaving Texas Congressman Ron Paul with his dream scenario – a one on one contest with the establishment’s Mitt Romney. But mysteriously, Rep. Paul ceased campaigning also. No one, including his millions of supporters, could understand why. Perhaps now we know. Is Mitt Romney about to announce Ron Paul as his VP?

Could Ron Paul be Mitt Romney's 'game-changing' choice for VP? Image courtesy of

While the national media works itself into a frenzy trying to figure out who Mitt Romney will choose as his Vice Presidential nominee, there is one name that is consistently absent from the speculation. In fact, if one were to list out the 250 credible Republican possibilities, libertarian Ron Paul would be at the bottom of the list. Why? Because Ron Paul is anti-establishment. Ron Paul is not a sell-out. He doesn’t flip and he doesn’t flop. The Congressman is often called the most honest man in Washington. And those aren’t popular qualities among Washington’s power-brokers.

The odds

Currently, according to the website Intrade, Ron Paul has a 0 percent chance of being chosen as Mitt Romney’s running mate. On the opposite end of the odds, Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) leads with a 31% chance of being picked. Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is second with a 15% likelihood. And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is third with a 9% chance of being chosen. Dozens of individuals follow with Ron Paul bringing up the rear at 0.3%. Even his son Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has better odds at 0.4%.

Behind the scenes

For starters, when it comes to the happenings in the smoky backrooms of the RNC right now, the old saying proves true – “Those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk.” So, anyone’s guess is as good as ours. As crazy as it sounds, here’s what we at Whiteout Press believe is going on behind the scenes at the RNC.

Convention Delegates

There is no official count of nominating delegates and the candidates they support. Some are required to vote the way their state or district did. But most can vote for any candidate they want, especially on every ballot after the first round. Ron Paul’s supporters actually hold the delegate spots of numerous Mitt Romney delegates simply because the Romney campaign couldn’t find anyone willing to run. So, Ron Paul people volunteered. Some delegates have sued for the right to vote for Ron Paul on the first ballot. While Romney, seeing the writing on the wall, has attempted to force Paul’s delegates to sign loyalty oaths swearing to vote for Mitt Romney in order to be credentialed into the convention.

What if Ron Paul’s supporters were right all along and they actually have enough delegates to nominate Rep. Paul as the GOP nominee? The elite establishment that controls the party won’t let Paul win, at any cost. So what’s more likely – a civil war inside the Grand Old Party or a backroom deal?

Major indicators

The delegate count isn’t the only obvious indicator that a Ron Paul VP nomination may be in the works. When Ron Paul was in the clear position to give Mitt Romney a real fight for the nomination, he suspended his campaign and began talks with the former Massachusetts Governor. Almost immediately, Ron Paul's son Rand shocked the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION by endorsing Mitt Romney.

The two have always been on friendly terms with Paul even defending his opponent in the media during the primary. Since halting his campaign, Paul has even distanced himself from his old liberty friends, going so far as to hold a competing rally in Tamp on the eve of the convention. Instead of going to the ‘Ron Paul Festival’, Ron Paul will be at the Republican delegate rally across town where he has rented out an entire stadium for his coming announcement.

Game changer

If the past is any indication, Republicans love to choose a “game changer” with their VP nominees. In fact, that was the actual term the McCain campaign used when searching for their candidate’s running mate four years ago. Just like Romney this time around, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was a long-shot to beat the popular Barack Obama. He needed a game-changer.

As unpopular as President Obama is, Mitt Romney still can’t pass him in the polls. Romney will also see 3 former or fellow Republicans on the ballot in November – former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket and former Congressman Virgil Goode representing the Constitution Party. It’s safe to say, Mitt Romney needs his own game-changer.

Just like Ron Paul now, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin wasn’t even on the radar. McCain shocked the media, the GOP and the nation when he chose the catty and attractive Palin. For anyone who says that choosing Congressman Paul would be “crazy”, we say, since when has that ever stopped them. George W. Bush went against the grain by pulling Dick Cheney out of his father’s old administration instead of a popular Congressman or Governor. George H.W. Bush picked the hapless Dan Quail from Indiana. The history of Republican VP nominees shows anything is possible.

17 reasons Ron Paul will be Mitt Romney’s VP nominee

Step back, erase 20 years worth of unjust media slander against the Texas Congressman, and look at it from a strategic point of view – just like the Romney camp is doing right now. If the below list reflects one overall theme, it’s that Ron Paul is everything Mitt Romney is not. Paul brings all the qualities Romney desperately needs right now. In a way, they complete each other, creating one powerful and hard-to-beat ticket. And that is, as it’s always been, the strategy behind every VP choice.

Credibility – Ron Paul is credible. He says what he means and means what he says. Mitt Romney is often called a serial flip-flopper, something that has prevented his socially conservative base from getting on board.

Excitement – Mitt Romney said it himself during one nationally televised debate. When asked to say something complimentary about one of their opponents, Mitt Romney chose to tout Ron Paul’s army of followers. With a twinkle in his eye, Romney praised the excitement the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION brought to the campaign. Every political pundit has observed that Romney’s campaign lacks the same spark of excitement that the President, and especially Rep. Paul, each enjoy.

Honesty – Seizing on one of Mitt Romney’s weak points, the Obama campaign has pounded Mitt Romney over his implied dishonesty. From his tenure at Bain to his secret offshore accounts to his sealed tax returns, Mitt Romney has an honesty problem. And as we’ve often mentioned, Ron Paul is widely known as one of the most honest men in Washington.

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Experience – A veteran of the private sector and a privileged lifestyle, with only a brief stint as Governor, Mitt Romney has proven he’s not very adept at dealing with voters, the media or even the specifics and intricacies of America’s government. Ron Paul has been a Congressman in Washington for over two decades and has run for President three times.

They’re friends – While it may be a stretch to call the two men friends, they are definitely on extremely friendly terms. Unlike any other combination of candidates except possibly Santorum and Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul praised, complimented and defended each other throughout the campaign, while simultaneously withholding any damaging attacks.

Texas – If there’s one tried and true consideration for picking a VP, its geography. Presidential candidates choose running mates from other regions in an attempt to capture the hometown loyalty of as many Americans as possible. Just as Massachusetts’ Kennedy chose the Texan Johnson, conventional wisdom says Massachusetts’ Romney should choose another Texan, like Ron Paul.

Intelligence – After the debacle of Sarah Palin, the GOP would love to have a VP nominee that can not just hold their own in a political debate against the Democrats and the national media, but win it. Ron Paul has few flaws or shortcomings to defend and when he goes on the offensive, his sharp whit and quick-thinking intelligence make him one formidable opponent in a debate or interview.

It’s Ron Paul’s time – No one has been able to put their finger on what exactly it was that Ron Paul did right to earn the love, affection and dedication of millions of voters and other young people across America. The most obvious answer is that it’s his lifelong dedication and unbending loyalty to the American people. After more than two decades of being the defender of freedom and liberty in the House, Ron Paul is retiring this year. Since the start of the campaign, and evidenced by the thousands of supporters that show up to each campaign rally, it’s simply Ron Paul’s time. As Mitt Romney found out the hard way, it’s difficult to run against fate.

Middle Class – Unlike the extremely wealthy Mitt Romney, Ron Paul is actually from the middle class. While Romney is one of the richest men in America, Congressman Paul is an OB/GYN. Having delivered thousands of babies throughout his career, Paul often reminds voters that he’s one of the poorest men in Congress, even after a quarter century in office. If that doesn’t also illustrate his honesty, nothing does.

Youth vote – Each election, candidates go after the youth vote. While their voter turn-out is often low, young new voters bring a vibrancy and excitement to a campaign. They rule the internet and social media and most importantly, they are the voters of not just today, but tomorrow as well. In a political party full of stiff, rich, white-haired, old white guys, Ron Paul’s energized following of college kids and other young people would not only help Mitt Romney’s campaign, but devastate Barack Obama’s.

Veterans – There may be no more righteous cause these days than fighting for America’s veterans against the horrible treatment they continue to receive at the hands of the federal government. Remember, 16 US veterans commit suicide every single day. From the unpopular wars of the Bush administration, complete with the heartless notifications to the families of fallen soldiers, to the sorry services our nation’s wounded warriors receive and the refusal of a welcome back parade by the Obama administration, Ron Paul is and always has been the favorite of America’s soldiers and veterans. This time, as it was four years ago when war hero John McCain ran, Ron Paul received more donations and votes from America’s vets than all the other candidates from both parties combined.

Southern vote – Like all northeasterners, Mitt Romney has a geography gap. It’s even led to some on both sides of the aisle to label the former Republican Governor a ‘Massachusetts liberal’. Mitt Romney needs to choose a running mate from the Midwest or South. What’s the polar opposite of a Massachusetts liberal? A Texas conservative like Ron Paul.

Game changer – If there was ever a ‘game changer’ among the list of Republican VP candidates, its Ron Paul. The instant Gov. Romney announces Paul as his running mate, even the liberal media will be forced to step back and acknowledge that the campaign has just taken on a whole new dynamic.

Delegates – What if Ron Paul really does have enough delegates to not only withhold the nomination from Mitt Romney on the first round, but win it outright on the second round? Knowing the extent to which the GOP establishment will go to guarantee the party’s backing to Romney, would the Romney campaign offer the VP slot to Paul to secure the nomination? Would Paul accept it in lieu of a bloody, and probably unwinnable fight for the Presidential nomination?

Gary Johnson – While the media has blacked-out the campaign of former New Mexico Republican Governor Gary Johnson, if he gets into the nationally televised debates, his presence would seriously harm Mitt Romney’s chances. If Johnson can get to 15% in the polls, he will be at those debates. Currently, the Libertarian Party Presidential nominee is hovering in the area of 9% nationally. With much of Johnson’s support coming from Paul’s army of followers, a Ron Paul VP would restore Johnson to an election footnote instead of a serious challenger.

Cross party appeal – Mitt Romney isn’t just unpopular, he’s unpopular within much of his own party. Ron Paul is not only popular within the party, he’s extremely well-liked in independent circles as well. Completing the trifecta, Rep. Paul’s stances against unnecessary wars, and his support of civil rights and the decriminalization of marijuana, appeals to those blue dog Democrats that left the GOP to support Obama, but have since seen the President waffle on many of his campaign promises. Ron Paul is one of the few politicians that can attract both the conservative Tea Party on the right and the progressive Occupiers on the left.

A reason to vote for Mitt Romney – None of the GOP leadership wanted to run against the President and the party has yet to unite behind Mitt Romney. As most Republican leaders have said from the start, this campaign is not about voting for Mitt Romney as much as it’s about voting against Barack Obama. Ron Paul brings a cause, a passion and a reason to vote for Mitt Romney.

While almost all political experts will say that the choice of Rep. Ron Paul as Mitt Romney’s running mate is improbable, it’s not impossible. And at this point in the race, the popular Texas Congressman could prove to be the answer to the struggling Mitt Romney’s prayers. If it happens, remember, you heard it from Whiteout Press first!