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September 8, 2012

Big Bad Corn – educational infographic

September 8, 2012. With Walmart’s announcement this summer that it will begin selling genetically engineered sweet corn, consumers are taking a second look at the foods they put into their bodies, especially corn. Native to North America, corn is one of our nation’s most popular foods. But after looking at corn’s journey over the past 30 years, one begins to have more concerns than ever over the government subsidized product. Here’s why.

Between the US federal government and corporations like Monsanto, America's corn fields have become a goldmine for some, franken-food for others.

Our friends at released another wonderfully educational infographic and we wanted to share it with our readers. This time, their subject is American corn.

The US government has subsidized the production and consumption of corn since 1979 with taxpayers paying for $10-$30 billion per year in corn subsidies. In fact, the American people pay more to financially subsidize corn than they do for wheat, soybeans and rice combined. And now that Monsanto Corporation and their genetically modified corn have all but taken over America’s farm belt, the hazards of eating American corn are even greater.

Why is the US federal government pushing so hard for corn consumption when, according to data in the infographic as well as other sources, it’s not a healthy food? Why is corn now found in 3 out of every 4 supermarket products? See below for more information.

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