April 17, 2013

Boston Bombing Suspect Profile confusing Authorities

April 17, 2013. Boston. The fatality count from Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing has risen to 3 with 176 reported injured. Authorities spent the past 24 hours correcting falsely reported facts by the media, as well giving the impression that they have no idea who was responsible for the bombings. But enough clues have been collected that a picture is being painted of the likely suspect.

The scene seconds after the Boston Marathon bombing. Image courtesy of MichaelGraham.com.

Readers can bet the farm that every tactic of ‘profiling’ that’s available to law enforcement is being used to conjure up a picture of a possible suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing. But while some aspects point to one type of perpetrator, others point to the exact opposite profile. Needless to say, authorities are at a complete loss.


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Media causes terror

For those who were watching TV at the time of the tragic bombings or immediately thereafter, they’ll recall that almost every media outlet began reporting false and terror-instilling details.

First, they reported that there were four bombs, then five, then three, then four again. Cable and network news repeated the typo that JFK Airport was also bombed, causing terror among Americans everywhere. Then, after repeating the Airport bombing dozens of times, they corrected themselves to confirm it was actually the JFK Library in Boston that was bombed.

But hours later, after reporting the fourth library bomb thousands of times, media outlets slowly admitted they overreacted and the JFK Library bombing was actually just a small utility room fire caused by an overheated piece of machinery.

Within minutes of the explosions, curious news reports began airing that reminisced of past reports already written prior to terror attacks that included too many details, impossible to gather in just the few chaotic minutes after the explosions. For instance, only minutes after the explosions, media outlets across the US reported that authorities had discovered a third bomb and had detonated it only seconds after the two actual explosions. Witnesses were interviewed who distinctly claimed to hear anywhere from three consecutive bombs to as many as a half dozen, all exploding within seconds of each other.

But as the facts were slowly confirmed by authorities through the night, it was officially declared that there were only two bombs and law enforcement officials never found a third. They also verified that the two explosions occurred moments apart and approximately 50 to 100 yards away from each other. The first explosion happened at the finish line, while the second detonated a half block back down the race path.

Profiling a Suspect

Since government officials have no idea who is responsible for the bombings, media outlets have taken it upon themselves to ferret out the culprits. But their suspicions and conclusions are as scattered as the rest of us. It really could be anyone. But odds are getting better that it was either an amateur American Islamic jihadist or an amateur American tax protester.

Facts and clues

  • Two explosions: At first, when there were reports of multiple and simultaneous blasts at multiple locations, it suggested a coordinated group. But when it was confirmed that two bombs exploded 50 yards and moments apart, it pointed to a lone bomber who set one fuse, walked a half a block down and set the next fuse. Conclusion: lone bomber.
  • Small bombs: The bombs were small, crude, amateur creations, consisting of 6-liter crock pots filled with nails, ball bearings and an unconfirmed explosive material. Reports say that it is a common bomb used in the Pakistan-India border war. But it could theoretically have been read about and used by anyone. It is a device that can be purchased at any store. Conclusion: amateurs.

  • Low victim count: Thankfully, the bombs exploded two hours after the peak of the Boston Marathon. If the perpetrator wanted to take the most lives, he/she would have detonated it at the climax of the race when the world class runners were finishing, 100% of the families and crowd was there and more media than at any point were on hand. Conclusion: little/no hatred for America or humanity, just an angry person with a point to make – or – such an amateur that he/she couldn’t get the bombs set-up and detonated for two hours. Final conclusion: domestic bomber.
  • No one taking credit: Strangely, not one terror group in America or around the world took credit for the Boston bombings. Foreign Islamic jihadists always take credit. Two groups that are known to not take credit for terror attacks are the American anti-government underground and the Mexican drug cartels. Conclusion: domestic bomber and/or small anti-government group.
  • Tax Day: Contrary to reports still circulating throughout the corporate media, April 14 is not ‘Patriots Day’. Whiteout Press, as you all know, was founded on Patriots Day and it is April 19 – the same day as Concord, Lexington, Waco and Oklahoma City. If the bombing were done by professional anti-government rebels, they would have been aware of Friday being Patriots Day and would have carried out the attack then, and it would have been much more devastating. Instead, it occurred on the final day to file federal income taxes. Philosophically, that is the biggest and only clue. And it points to an amateur, disgruntled American tax-protester determined to make a statement and get everyone’s attention. Think back to the 2010 incident where an upset taxpayer crashed his airplane into an IRS office in Texas. Conclusion: amateur tax-protester.
  • People targeted, not the US government: It’s well known that both al Qaeda and American anti-government rebels both target government facilities and officials almost exclusively. Even the innocent victims on 9/11 were considered by the terrorists as innocent collateral damage. The real targets were the Pentagon, White House and the global banking cartels inside the World Trade Center that financed US military bases in Saudi Arabia, the whole reason for the September 11 attacks. Conclusion: amateur bomber with a personal grudge, not a member of an organized terror group.
  • Boston: What does Boston have to do with it? Two flights on 9/11 originated from Boston and the city was unknowingly hosting an underground Islamic terror cell. It’s also known for having some of the most racist and pro-life white people north of the Mason-Dixon line. The clue might just be that the Boston Marathon is the most famous US marathon outside the country. Also, video of the bomb locations show hundreds of police officers lined up shoulder-to-shoulder and staring into the crowd for anything suspicious. An obviously Middle Eastern man with two duffle bags would have been noticed. Conclusion: foreign-born, Americanized, domestic bomber.
  • “No chatter or warning signs”: That was the repeated comment from moments after the bombings up through today. With trillions of dollars and millions of people being used to spy on both Americans and foreigners, it’s a wonder why the Department of Homeland Security missed this attack completely. Conclusion: lone, domestic bomber, not affiliated with any groups.

  • Six-liter pressure cookers: If the weapon were chemical agents, converted landmines, or any other military-grade explosive, it might suggest an organized terror group. That includes everyone from al Qaeda to the KKK. With these being crude, small, homemade bombs, it suggests someone not connected to any larger groups. Conclusion: lone bomber.
  • Circuit board: Media reports have repeatedly speculated on a piece of circuit board recovered at the scene. One wonders what other debris they might find on a crowded downtown city street with hundreds of thousands of people trampling on it. If it was part of the bomb, it may suggest a professional bomber. But all indications contradict that conclusion and there is no evidence yet that the piece of debris was even part of the bomb.

Final tally

Based on the above speculation and ‘profiling’, here are the results:

  • Lone bomber: Five of the above points suggest a lone bomber as opposed to multiple individuals. Only one point suggests a small group of conspirators.
  • Amateur bomber: Seven of the above points suggest an amateur bomber using homemade materials. Three points suggest a professional, experienced bomber.
  • Political statement: The attacks happened in Boston, at a marathon, on tax day. Of the three, tax day is the most-likely culprit.
  • Domestic tax protester vs. foreign Islamic Jihadist: Seven of the above points suggest a domestic anti-government protester while three suggest a foreign Islamic Jihadist.

Since that final point is the one being most debated right now, here are our thoughts taken point by point. Two explosions carried out by one person indicates non-al Qaeda personnel, as the terror cell is known for carrying out multi-city, coordinated attacks. Small, crude, amateur bombs also points to amateur, domestic, first-time bombers. Middle East terrorists are known to use more powerful materials like plastic explosives, while domestic bombers have used items such as fertilizer.

The low victim count also points to a domestic terrorist attempting to make a point, rather than an Islamic holy warrior trying to send as many people to their graves as possible. The fact that nobody is taking credit also points to domestic perpetrators. Terror cells always take credit, while lone American Unibombers do not. And the most powerful indication of a domestic anti-tax tie is the fact that the bombings happened on tax day.

One of the few items pointing to foreign terrorists is the fact that average Americans were targeted. If the assailants were US tax protesters, they would have bombed an IRS office, federal building or the police barricade at the marathon, not ordinary families. And while Boston doesn’t seem to have anything specifically to do with motivation, the fact that all US officials have confirmed they didn’t pick up on any “chatter” before the bombing while spying on Islamic terror groups suggests the culprits were not connected to Middle East terrorists.

The weapons themselves are the biggest and most conflicting clues. True, pressure cookers full of shrapnel are a weapon used by Pakistani militants on the Indian border. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re smuggling that highly scientific technology to America for sleeping terror cells. Instead, this author sees a pressure cooker full of nails and ball bearings as America’s hillbilly, red neck bomb. If it were an underwear vest full of C4, it would indicate al Qaeda. But mom’s crock pot filled with a bunch of dad’s nails sounds like Joe pissed-off American determined to send a message on tax day.

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