April 11, 2013

2 almost-libertarian TV Networks coming in 2013

April 11, 2013. Washington. The good news is, there are two new self-proclaimed libertarian television networks being launched in the coming months. The bad news is, both are striving to be the next Fox News and are made up of individuals most would consider part of the elite establishment, not the libertarian movement.

One America News Network debuts on July 4, 2013.

Ten and twenty years ago, America had a television news industry that proclaimed its impartiality, but leaned heavily to the left. When Fox News was created, it added a loud voice from the conservative-right to balance the weighted US media. Before long, America’s unbiased media had vanished completely and was replaced by thousands of outlets, each blatantly reporting the news with either a left-wing or right-wing prejudice.

The new free press

Rushing to fill the empty space of America’s free press came upstart news outlets such as the Huffington Post, Examiner.com and thousands of small, independent, grassroots news sites. Some are online video news programs, others internet or satellite radio, while most are simple online, print-format websites.

Adding their resources to the void are two new television news networks. Broadcasting 24/7, each is positioning itself to be the alternative to blatantly left-leaning networks like CNN and MSNBC. Rather than occupying the independent/center position however, both of the soon-to-be launched networks insist they will be joining Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News in the fight against the left.


JAG TV is the creation of Jennifer Grossman, a Sr. Vice President at Dole Nutrition Institute. Her political resume features some powerful establishment Republicans. Grossman was a senior writer for Jack Kemp’s National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform, as well as being a speechwriter for President George HW Bush. She was also a Director at the CATO Institute.

The Libertarian Republic recently interviewed Grossman about the upcoming launch of her new libertarian news network. In it, she drops names from both the GOP and the Libertarian Party. Insisting her longtime friends and mentors include Grover Norquist, Arianna Huffington and Don Imus, JAG TV boasts a tentative commitment from former Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

When asked what gave her the idea to start her own network, Jennifer Grossman recounts her love for Fox News. “Imagine having your own favorite robe. It’s your go-to for when you get up and when you come home,” she explains, “That’s what Fox News is for me. But then you notice your robe is getting old. You still love it, but it’s starting to look ridiculous. You want another one, maybe this time, in another color, maybe in a newer style. But it doesn’t exist. So you have to go out and make it yourself.”

Grossman goes on to detail who the network’s target demographic is, and whether or not she is trying to steal viewers from Fox News. “I have no particular beef with Fox. I’ve been a guest on their air and have many friends there who’ve been generous with encouragement and advice on this venture,” she replied, “The best thing anyone could do for Fox right now would be to give it a little friendly competition, to help spark the fires of innovation – we’re not competing because we’re going after a totally different demographic, younger, less partisan, more female, more socially liberal, and more politically libertarian.”

JAG TV is scheduled to debut this fall.

One America News Network

A second libertarian TV news network scheduled for launch this year is One America News Network. And while JAG TV has an edge in regard to connections to the most elite of the Republican establishment, One America has links to already-established and successful media outlets.

The new television/cable network is slated to launch on July 4, 2013 and is owned and operated by Herring Broadcasting Company. Herring Broadcasting is comprised of a father-son team of Robert and Charles Herring. In 2004, the family began production of its flagship network WealthTV and has only grown since.

As pointed out by The Daily Beast, Herring Broadcasting’s WealthTV, ‘is an unlikely mother ship for a new news network.’ Far from politically libertarian, the network’s current shows are a gluttony of luxury and the spoils of the current class war, one in which the super rich and super elite are shown to have won handily.

Their show ‘Mediterranean Mega yachts’ is self-explanatory. ‘Boys Toys’ is about muscle cars and the newest high-tech gadgets. While ‘Party Mamas’ is the network’s versions of My Super Sweet Sixteen, in which wealthy parents attempt to throw their spoiled children the most flamboyant and expensive parties in history.

The Herrings are also using their ownership stake in the Washington Times to catapult their new television/cable network. One America will share offices inside the Washington Times Building and use the established news outlet’s current and past network of resources and talent, including the use of print columnists for television shows and appearances.

The new network will include on-air personalities such as Tea Party leader Rick Amato, WealthTV host Graham Ledger and Gina Loudon. Also, just like its new rival JAG TV, One America pays homage to Fox News and fully intends to join the Murdoch-owned network against the left rather than stake a position in the libertarian center.

“With only one outlet, if you happen to be an independent or a libertarian, or you are on the outside, you only have one platform right now, which is Fox,” Charles Herring told reporters, “There just isn’t enough time in the day to have those voices heard. I see us as opening up another front, another platform.” Confirming his alignment with Fox News, Herring went on to say, “Fox is a great platform. A lot of people like it. It gets outstanding ratings. There is nothing wrong with Fox. The problem is that if you take the channel lineup, the sources of national news tend to lean to the left and all we have is Fox.”

Herring says he intends to pour tens of millions of dollars into the new libertarian news network if needed. In fact, throwing his wealth around is one of the reasons some readers are familiar with the Herrings. In 2005, Robert Herring attempted to buy Terri Schaivo from her husband. Schaivo was the terminally ill young lady removed from life support and tastelessly shown nightly across network and cable TV as she slowly died. Pro-life conservatives sued and offered money to keep Schaivo on life support indefinitely.

While both JAG TV and One America each proclaim themselves the newest 24/7 news network for libertarians, it’s difficult to see how either really is. As an example, the Republican Party is divided into three pillars – the globalist billionaires, the religious right and the libertarians. JAG TV is straight from the heart of the George HW Bush administration and his “New World Order”, while One America could inject a whole lot of Christianity into their network content. The only one-third of the political right that didn’t seem to get a new television network are the libertarians.


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