June 13, 2012


Whiteout Press is Back in Business

June 13, 2012. Cyberspace. After being out of commission for two weeks, the presses are finally in motion again at the independent news outlet Whiteout Press. Back on June 1, the independent media source announced it was temporarily ceasing publication due to mechanical and financial problems. When Whiteout Press readers and subscribers received the news, they turned out in force to help the struggling but popular news outlet pick up the pieces and get back to what it does best – covering the news without bias or censorship.

This is the first article written and published since the stoppage two weeks ago. “I’m so excited,” said Whiteout Press Owner and Sr. Editor Mark Wachtler, “and I can’t thank our readers enough for coming to our aid.” One reader in particular single-handedly upgraded the publication’s computer system. That alone will allow for the publishing of more articles more often.

The independent news outlet also still has its sights set on producing an online video news show and eventually moving onto cable TV. “That’s backward from the mainstream experience where corporate-owned news shows expand from cable TV to the internet,” said Wachtler, “But we’re not mainstream and we weren’t born into the elite where we can just ask grandpa or the next door neighbor for our own show. We’re grassroots, from the ground up, the people up. We’re going to do it the opposite and expand from the internet onto cable TV. There really isn’t any other course available to us. So that’s the route we’re going.”

What topics should we cover?

With the ability to publish more articles more often, Whiteout Press is asking its readers to voice their opinion on what topics or specific stories to cover in the coming weeks and months. For the most part, the publication takes its cues from the mainstream media. Whatever stories they are blacking-out or covering-up, that’s what Whiteout Press covers. To make your suggestion on what stories or issues to investigate or report on, either add your ideas to the Comments section below or email them to tellus@whiteoutpress.com.

In case you missed it

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