April 18, 2012


NJ Judge refuses to rule on Obama Eligibility

April 18, 2012. Trenton. Add New Jersey to the list of states hearing court challenges to President Obama’s eligibility to serve as President. There, a judge ruled that Presidential eligibility was not the jurisdiction of his court. The NJ Secretary of State, he ruled, had the authority to make the decision. While opponents of the President argue he is not a ‘natural born citizen’ as defined under the law because his father wasn’t US-born, they’re finding out that nobody is responsible for checking the eligibility of Presidential candidates.

Obama attorney Hill argues before Judge Masin in NJ. Image courtesy of Fellowship of the Minds.

No one’s in charge

That sad fact has come to the surface repeatedly over the past year. Courts in state after state continue to rule that when a candidate files to run for office and appear on the ballot in each respective state, it is the responsibility of the state Board of Elections to verify each candidate’s eligibility. And each state official routinely accepts the insinuated guarantee, no better than a gentleman’s handshake, that the parties’ candidates for US President are eligible, because that’s how it’s apparently done.

As reported in the Feb. 1, 2012 Whiteout Press article, ‘Obama Ballot Challenge in 6 States’, in 2008 the Republican Party included legal certification that their candidate, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), was eligible to run for the office he was seeking. When filing for ballot inclusion for their candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), the Democratic Party included no such certification or sworn statement that their candidate was eligible to run for the office. Coincidence?

The Birth Certificate that has never appeared, except on the TV news

Most Americans believe this whole argument is being made by a bunch of racist, crazy ‘birthers’ who think the President wasn’t born in the US and Mr. Obama finally provided his Birth Certificate to prove them wrong. Others, such as the individuals filing court challenges across the nation, believe the real story goes much deeper and they have evidence. The real story, they say, is about a shadowy group of people subverting the US Constitution and electing an ineligible person President of the United States.

After all these years and spending millions of dollars to not produce his Birth Certificate, President Obama finally produced a ‘certificate of live birth’. According to most people with knowledge of the document and Hawaii’s procedures, it was no more than a state or hospital printout including a few key bits of information and verifying that a birth certificate was issued and exists somewhere.

Why did President Obama fight so hard and spend so much money refusing to reveal his birth certificate?

The Democratic Machine and the national media insisted it was only to hide the humble man’s embarrassment over having a middle name like Hussein - shame on us racist, anti-Muslim bigots. Then, the progressives and their media counterparts insisted hateful Republicans just couldn’t accept the outcome of the 2008 election that swept the first black man into the White House. They assured us that President Obama was born in Hawaii.

The mysteriously modern-looking birth certificate

When President Obama finally released a copy of his original birth certificate to silence his critics, he only released an electronic image of it available online. He also insisted he invited three key members of the media to inspect it personally. As reported in the April 28, 2011 issue of Whiteout Press, ‘Questions about President Obama’s Birth Certificate’, we were finally forced to change sides on the whole ‘birther’ issue – there was something fishy going on.

Until then, the editors of Whiteout Press couldn’t care less about the President’s birth certificate and wished everyone would stop talking about it. But we couldn’t get past the fact that President Obama was going to such financial and extensive lengths to hide it. When he finally produced his original birth certificate, red flags and flashing lights went off immediately.

As we pointed out in the 2011 article, there were numerous indications of foul play from the modern paper stock to the date stamp of Apr 25 2011 (3 days before he released it) to the way the pattern on the paper was obviously Photshopped to blend even though it’s separate from the surrounding book.

See President Obama’s Birth Certificate here

President Obama’s birth certificate provides one more piece of the puzzle. The President’s critics and opponents are repeatedly arguing before every court that will listen that President Obama isn’t eligible – not because he wasn’t born in the United States, but because his father wasn’t a US citizen at the time of President Obama’s birth in Hawaii.

Natural Born Citizen

As detailed in ‘Obama Ballot Challenge in 6 States’, court petitioners argue that the US Constitution clearly states a person must be a ‘natural born citizen’ to be eligible to serve as US President. To be a natural born citizen, as defined by the United States Supreme Court in 1875, one must have two parents who, at the time of the birth in question, be citizens of the United States.

It’s as simple as that. Attorneys arguing that President Obama isn’t eligible to serve insist his father wasn’t a US citizen at the time of the President’s birth. As evidenced by Obama’s birth certificate, his father was born in Kenya. To be a US citizen, he had to go through the immigration process. And attorneys filing these repeated state challenges confirm they are providing US Immigration Service documents proving that President Obama’s father didn’t become a US citizen until after the President was born, thus making him not a natural born citizen.

President Obama’s supporters insist that even if it is true, it’s just another loophole the President’s detractors are using to try and deny him his elected office. Their opponents argue that it’s not a matter of one man, but rather a gross and far-reaching violation of the United States Constitution. In some of the court filings, like George for example, attorney’s targeted the Democratic Party as much as the President. Repeated court arguments accused Democratic Party officials of knowingly certifying an ineligible candidate for US President in the form of Barack Obama.

The New Jersey case

In New Jersey last week, Alexandra Hill – the attorney representing President Obama – asked the court not to force her to provide the President’s previously released Birth Certificate into evidence. She argued that it had no bearing on the case of her client’s eligibility to run for the office of US President in the state of New Jersey.

In a description of the proceedings published by WND, attorney Hill is cited for telling the judge numerous times, “We do not believe the president’s birth certificate is relevant to this case.” In the end, Judge Jeff S. Masin agreed. In his written ruling, Judge Masin exposed the truth by saying that there was nothing in New Jersey state law that requires a candidate to prove they are eligible in order to appear on the state’s election ballot. “There is no obligation upon the person endorsed to prove his or her qualification for office,” he wrote.

Arizona Joe Arpaio

After refusing the petitioner’s request to subpoena the President’s birth certificate, Judge Masin also refused their lawyer’s request to call investigator Mike Zullo to the stand. Zullo is an investigator out of the office of controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio and Zullo have been investigating the legitimacy of President Obama’s birth certificate and have concluded it’s most likely a forgery. The Sheriff’s critics argue he has a personal vendetta against President Obama and has no jurisdiction to be investigating Mr. Obama for anything outside of Maricopa County Arizona.

Final conclusions

Once again, it appears the individual United States have little or no mechanisms in place to verify a person’s eligibility to be elected US President. The government simply takes each political party’s word for it. New Jersey is just the latest state to refuse to rule on the President’s right to hold the highest office in the land. Other states with court proceedings over the issue include Georgia, Illinois, New Hampshire, Arizona, Tennessee and Alabama. Again, read the article, ‘Obama Ballot Challenge in 6 States’ for specific details.

If one were to peer through the smoke screens and misinformation emanating from both sides, it would appear that Barrack Obama’s father may not have been a US citizen at the time of his birth. That would in fact make Mr. Obama ineligible to be President. His supporters argue what many from both sides of the aisle have argued in the past – the US Constitution is an outdated, irrelevant document that doesn’t apply to modern times anymore. Others simply argue that the US Constitution hasn’t been in effect since Congress voided it a decade ago with the Patriot Act.

Whether President Obama is eligible to serve as US President or not may no longer be relevant. Legal challenges have been mounting for years and not one has managed to take hold – not because they’re frivolous suits, but always because it “isn’t the court’s jurisdiction”. It would appear now that only a US Congressional hearing on the issue will ever get to the truth. But with the progressive media armed and ready to destroy any Republican who dares mount a serious effort to obtain the mysterious Birth Certificate and Immigration Service documents, it’s not likely that any Republican Congressman would dare.