April 17, 2012


Foreign Company running US Election Systems

April 17, 2012. Barcelona, Spain. Many Americans are shocked to find out that a foreign corporation from Spain is contracted to produce, manage and tabulate US elections. The company also recently purchased a US tech start-up to acquire an even larger presence in America. With that acquisition three months ago came the privilege and responsibility of facilitating American elections in 900 municipalities and 26 states. Electronic voting is here, and it’s not American. Check the included list to see if your state is one of them.

Cities and states that currently use Spain-based Scytl's SOE Software for electronic voting. Image courtesy of SEO Software.

The Spanish company is called Scytl and is located in Barcelona, Spain. They also have offices in Canada, India, Greece and Baltimore in the US. The company boasts the financial backing of three major investment firms – Nauta Capital, Balderton Capital and Spinnaker SCR. Many reports are circulating the internet claiming the billionaire left-wing activist George Soros is connected with one or more of the financial companies.

Whiteout Press was unable to find any concrete evidence however. Consider that a list of just Soros’ most recent stock purchases is over 500 pages long. The possibility that George Soros or his investment fund has invested in a company that invested in a company that invested in one of the above three financial firms is highly possible. Mr. Soros’ money spreads far and wide and conceivably touches every institution on Earth. As far as direct evidence is concerned however, we found none.

In January, Scytl purchased the US software company SOE Software and its electronic voting system called the Clarity Software Suite. Investors agreed it was a good match. Scytl manages elections in over 20 countries while SOE Software was the leading electronic voting software provider in the United States. With that merger and SOE’s software came contracts with hundreds of local elections offices and state officials. The company boasts, “1 out of 6 counties in the US uses SOE Software” and “9 out of 10 e-Government officials choose the Clarity Software Suite.”


Scytl’s website gives the following forecast, “Electronic voting is regarded by many governments as the next natural step in the evolution of electoral processes because of its potential to increase voter turnout rates, facilitate the voting process to citizens and enfranchise voters such as overseas voters, military voters and voters with disabilities. Electronic voting offers many advantages over the conventional paper-based electoral systems, including mobility and convenience for voters, greater speed and accuracy in the counting process, prevention of involuntary voting errors, better accessibility, lower costs, support of multiple languages, greater flexibility, etc.”


Critics have repeatedly pointed out the flaws in electronic voting, including the ability to fraudulently and secretly change votes, change vote totals and change winners. Electronic voting systems are also notorious for breaking down, not working or doing strange things. In reality, electronic voting systems are nothing more than a computer software program, including all the bugs and backdoors. Just like computers, they can be hacked by anyone with the talent to do it.

One Examiner.com article reports that in 2008 for example, the state of Florida temporarily cancelled its contract with Scytl after discovering multiple problems and risks with electronic voting machines just before election day. The same article also mentions the fact that Scytl’s e-voting machines used in Washington DC in 2010 were hacked.

The future

Scytl appears to be slightly more excited about the future of voting than just its current contracts. Two of their three company-promoted technologies are ‘internet voting’ and ‘telephone voting’. The company’s internet voting system is called Pnyx.gov and is billed as the, “internet voting solution that enables voters securely cast their vote easily from any location and on any device with a stable internet connection.” Internet voting also allows the company to eliminate all the on-sight voting machines and the large overhead costs that come with it. For its part, the company says ‘Telephone Voting’ is for, “those living in remote areas where there is no or very slow internet connection.”

States currently using Scytl and SOE Software state-wide (from the SOE Software website):





Washington DC







North Carolina

New Mexico


New York

South Carolina




Other states such as Arkansas, Virginia, Mississippi, Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Georgia and others use the company’s e-voting products on local levels (also according to the company’s website).

Many critics of electronic voting and elections without paper ballots for evidence don’t even bother going into the great many reasons electronic voting poses a threat to America’s democracy. They simply recite one of the most famous election-related quotes in history. “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin.