Whiteout Press launches Marijuana Marketplace

MarijuanaMarketplace.org helps marijuana-related businesses and consumers find each other.

November 27, 2017. Independent grassroots news outlet Whiteout Press has just created and launched a new website - MarijuanaMarketplace.org. Marijuana-related businesses are the fastest growing industry in the US, often called America’s new cash crop. With 28 states plus DC having some form of legalized marijuana, the industry will continue to grow as more states vote to end prohibition.

Fastest growing industry in America

According to CBS News, 150,000 Americans are currently employed by a business in the marijuana or marijuana-related industry. That’s more than the number of employed website developers, flight attendants and librarians. There are also an estimated 38,000 legal marijuana-related businesses in the US, with dozens more being created every single day.

That’s why independent news publisher Whiteout Press has launched a new website forum and message board called MarijuanaMarketplace.org. Basically, it functions much like CraigsList or BackPage.com where users can post their own messages or ads for as little as ten dollars.


Marijuana Marketplace calls itself, ‘America’s largest online classifieds for everything Marijuana!’ The website describes itself as, ‘America’s largest online trade publication, message board and classifieds dedicated to legal marijuana products, services, employment, do-it-yourself, schools, tips, novelties and everything marijuana-related. Marijuana Marketplace is an online forum where businesses and consumers in America’s fastest growing industry can find each other.’

The website administrators review each post and only publish ads that are legal in the poster’s state or jurisdiction. Posters must also be 18 or older and any illegal posts are rejected or removed immediately.

Listed by state and by category

Each new post added to Marijuana Marketplace is featured on the site’s Home Page, as well as a Category page and a local State page, all for the same $10 fee. That way, visitors looking for a specific product or service can quickly find offerings from a number of businesses. And consumers looking for local businesses in their own area can simply click on their State.

Posts are divided into eight categories plus a local listing:

Marijuana (pot, edibles, licensed, legal)

Pipes (papers, bongs, bowls)

Growing (supplies, equipment)

Novelties (wearables, weird stuff)

Education (schools, seminars, books)

Jobs (HR, applicants, resumes)

Services (legal, accounting, promotion)

Activism (help end prohibition)

Get Local (by state)

Posts are currently limited to 200 characters until the site’s developers can create a more flexible and user-friendly submission page. Posters also have the option of listing their website address, email address and phone number, above and beyond the 200 character limit and for no additional charge.

With Marijuana Marketplace having just been launched, the creators are desperate for any and all feedback or suggestions. The site is a grassroots effort and the creators are relying on their friends and fellow activists in the movement to end prohibition to provide feedback and point out any flaws in the site.

Check out the new website MarijuanaMarketplace.org and post your own ad for just $10.


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