Chicago Abe Lincoln Statue removed after being Vandalized again

August 25, 2017. Chicago. For the second time in one week, a statue of President Abraham Lincoln was nearly destroyed by residents of the south side community it resides in. Since the vandalism coincides with the frantic removal of Civil War monuments across the country, it has been assumed that the angry Chicago progressives who perpetrated the crime aren’t aware that Lincoln wasn’t a white, racist, slave-owning Confederate.

Two passionate sides to the story

Conservatives would have us believe that the giant Abe Lincoln bust was heavily damaged and set on fire by the racist, hate-filled African American community it is located in. For the past week all across the country, progressives have been waging a Taliban-like war on monuments and statues honoring the leaders and the fallen soldiers of the American Confederacy. The fact that the vandals either don’t know or don’t care that President Lincoln single-handedly freed the slaves is a quandary all in itself.

Progressives in Chicago, as well as a handful of left-leaning media outlets, are suggesting that the Lincoln statue was vandalized a long time ago and the attacks had nothing to do with the current nationwide frenzy to eradicate America of all symbols and monuments that memorialize the American Confederacy, its leaders or its citizens. They also suggest the statue was burned on accident years ago by 4th of July fireworks, not arson.

It seems both sides are right

A blatantly biased fact check by reveals that the Abe Lincoln statue in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago has been vandalized and desecrated countless times since it was erected in 1926. The outlet dug up past photos showing the Lincoln bust covered in gang graffiti, painted orange, and repeatedly broken, chipped and shot.

But a separate report from the local news outlet proves that some of the attacks are recent, and they’re still occurring. In fact, the Alderman representing the neighborhood next door has publicly stated that the statue was vandalized twice just in the past week. One incident involved covering the Lincoln statue with a tarp and setting it ablaze, something bottle rockets and fire crackers aren’t capable of doing.

Second deadliest neighborhood in Chicago

The three-foot-tall Abe Lincoln bust sits curb-side at the intersection of 69th and Wolcott in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. As of 2016, the area was 96% black, 3% Hispanic, and 1% white. Out of 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, West Englewood comes in second in the number of murders, as well as heroin overdoses. Of 762 homicides in Chicago in 2016, 219 occurred in just this one neighborhood.

The Ward’s Alderman – David Moore – has been completely silent on the incident and hasn’t responded to media requests for comment. It was the Alderman of the neighboring Ward – Raymond Lopez – that brought the repeated vandalism to light. He is also leading the effort to save the Lincoln statue.

“I will be officially requesting that the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, Chicago Public Library and Mayor's Office work to relocate it to the West Englewood Library before it's completely destroyed,” Alderman Lopez announced this week. He has also started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the statue’s restoration.

The Alderman’s efforts may have finally succeeded. Yesterday afternoon, city officials announced they had removed the Abe Lincoln bust from its south side location. Plans include attempting to repair the heavily damaged monument and relocating it inside the neighborhood library.


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