The Reasons Russian Hacking Report is being criticized

January 12, 2017. Washington, DC (ONN) The accusation by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and the establishment media is that Russia hacked the US election to change the outcome from a Clinton victory to a Trump victory. US intelligence agencies just released their 25-page report outlining the evidence. Buzzfeed, who first obtained and published it, agreed with Donald Trump - there is no evidence.

After reading the report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, this author agrees, it does not provide any actual evidence. The introduction includes a reminder that the sources and methods used to come to the conclusion that Russia hacked the US election to change the outcome cannot be revealed without endangering US intelligence assets. The report also admits the agencies used, ‘analytic tools to draw inferences informed by the data available’ and ‘logic and reasoning to provide insight into what is happening’.

Highlights from the intelligence report

While there was no smoking gun, there is plenty of evidence that Russia was involved in the 2016 US election in various ways. Here are some of the main points of the 25-page US intelligence report:

  • Two-thirds of the report is dedicated to criticizing Russia’s international news network - Russia Today (RT). There is no accusation of airing untrue news stories. But the report condemns RT for airing news that is blacked-out by the establishment US media industry.

  • Specific examples given to show that RT meddled in the US election are the fact that RT televised the US Presidential third party debates featuring Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green’s Jill Stein. Another example given was that RT news covered the Occupy Wall Street protests in a positive light.

  • Contrary to statements by DNC leaders, the report confirms that the tens of thousands of Democratic Party emails leaked by WikiLeaks were authentic and not altered in any way.

  • The report says US intelligence agencies believe Russia leaked the stolen DNC emails to WikiLeaks, DC Leaks, and Guccifer 2.0, who in turn released them to the American people. The spy agencies admit they don’t know if the three groups were aware the emails came from Russian operatives.

  • The Russian spy apparatus is accused in the report of breaking into the voter lists of a handful of US states. But the report concludes that the Russians only looked at the information to gain a better understanding of the inner-workings of a US election. The US intelligence agencies unanimously agree that no voting machines or vote-counting equipment was hacked and that no votes were changed. The curious part about this point is that the state voter data that was hacked is publically available to anyone who requests it.

  • The intelligence report comes to a final conclusion - that Russian President Putin personally ordered a wide-ranging operation to sabotage Hillary Clinton’s probable election to the US Presidency.

The reasons given in the report are that Donald Trump’s non-interventionist policy on Syria and Ukraine are better for Russia than Hillary Clinton’s support for fighting multiple proxy wars to move the two countries from Russia’s sphere of influence to America’s sphere of influence. The report did not say how US authorities know the Russian President personally ordered the operation. It also explains that the Russian goal was not to help elect a friendly Donald Trump, but instead, to stop a military expansionist Hillary Clinton.

Russia’s main crime - exposing US corruption

Two-thirds of the ‘Russian hacking’ report is dedicated to condemning Russia’s news network RT America for airing news segments that expose corruption at the highest levels of the Democratic Party and the US federal government. Those news stories are typically blacked-out by US media outlets, so the American people are forced to rely on foreign news sources.

Some of those inconvenient truths exposed by Russian hackers that may or may not have cost Hillary Clinton the Presidential election include; DNC leaders caught rigging the Democratic Primary election so Hillary Clinton would defeat Senator Bernie Sanders. The leaked emails also exposed the DNC Chair personally rigging the Presidential debates by secretly supplying Hillary Clinton with the questions beforehand.

Those tens of thousands of emails also showed the Clinton State Department merging with the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton election campaign to create a shadowy three-legged government agency run by the leaders of a political party. The emails revealed vast sums of money being diverted to the Clinton Foundation or the Clinton campaign in exchange for perceived favors from the Clinton State Department. They also reveal admissions by Clinton staffers that they were knowingly destroying evidence subpoenaed by Congress.

The conclusion of the US intelligence report is that Russia’s main crime is using its international television network to tell the American people what their own government doesn’t want them to know. The Russians are also obviously hacking into the networks of American institutions and corporations. But one thing the evidence does not seem to support is that Russia hacked the 2016 US election and changed the outcome. They simply revealed the truth to the American people, and that changed the election outcome.

Read the full US intelligence report here.


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