On The Air with Honor Veterans Radio


By Mark Wachtler

Chicago, IL (ONN) On this, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we are proud to feature a radio network located near us here in Chicago, but with a national and international voice. Honor Veterans Radio is the creation of US Navy veteran Earl ‘LeeBird’ Hayes. It’s a rapidly growing and exciting broadcast vehicle operated by veterans, with the goal of helping veterans whenever and however they can.

Born in Ohio and serving in the US Navy during the 1980’s Lebanon turmoil, Earl Hayes moved to the Chicago suburbs nearly a decade ago and we at Whiteout Press have had the pleasure to know him since almost the beginning. He originally contacted us in 2008 to help expose the deplorable treatment veterans are receiving from Illinois’ state-subsidized social services facilities that needy veterans are directed to for help and short-term housing. Within a few weeks of that fight, Earl launched his original radio network, of, by and for veterans.

The Honor Veterans Radio website appeals to veterans saying, ‘Through TV, Radio, the Internet and Live Shows, we will entertain as well as educate. All the pieces of the puzzle are in place and now we need you to become a member of the family. You name it and we will provide it. With an experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.’

A proud veteran himself, with a broadcast journalism degree on top of it, Earl ‘LeeBird’ Hayes appears up to the challenge of running a successful radio and TV network. Speaking to young men and women in uniform, as well as their loved ones, the Honor Veterans Radio website explains their mission further:

‘You will begin to see and learn about some of these different organizations that have teamed up together to help the common good. We are all dedicated in the mission of "Getting the help needed, to those who need it most, in the most efficient way possible". Through new advances in TV, Internet Radio, The media and at Live Concerts throughout the Nation, The VETERANS RADIO/TV MISSION will bring the information you need most and right now, directly to you and fast. We have assembled a fantastic team of extremely knowledgeable Professionals to ensure the success of this mission. "YOUR HERO IS OUR MISSION". You were not prepared for what you are now forced to face and be involved in. This is a whole new world you are now being introduced to. We are here to make this as simple, easy and pleasant as possible for you and your HERO.’

Showing how well things are going for them, last week Earl Hayes and his team announced that they had found commercial office space in Chicago and plan to transform a section of it into their very own TV studio. Their goal is to produce a 24-hour television network called Veterans TV.

The list of people and organizations endorsing and supporting Honor Veterans Radio is as long as it is impressive. And we’re proud to add ourselves here at Whiteout Press to the list. Readers can get involved or find out more at HonorVeteransRadio.us.


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