December 11, 2014

Torture Report Details and the US Officials responsible

By Mark Wachtler

December 11, 2014. Washington. (ONN) A US Senate Committee finally released its report on CIA torture. The Pentagon fought to keep it sealed. The GOP wanted it secret. The CIA was caught breaking into the computers of the US Senate to read it. US Embassies have gone on High Alert to protect against violent retribution because of it. Revealing why, below are three lists documenting the horrors the report reveals, as well as the US officials who could be held criminally accountable.

The first chapter in America’s 13-year-old Empire is now written. Welcome to your New World Order. Image courtesy of

First, arm yourself with this fact - the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on CIA torture everyone is suddenly talking about isn’t the actual document. It is literally the Party’s cleansed summary of the full Senate document. It is a 600-page Democratic Party recap of the full 6,000-page classified report. What the full report includes, and what the real truth is, the American people will probably never know.

This is what Empire looks like

For the record, your author didn’t read the full 6,000 page report, or the 600-page Party report either for that matter. But we did read a number of summaries from journalists who did. One of those was brought to our attention by Whiteout Press’ good friends at Flyover Press. The account reprints a recap of the Intelligence Committee torture report from the website End Of The American Dream.

The report begins by letting readers know the outlet’s personal feelings on the subject. And it’s right in line with ours here at Whiteout Press. The author begins, ‘Good guys do not sadistically torture people. Good guys do not threaten to sexually abuse the family members of their prisoners, and they certainly do not forcibly ram things up the rear ends of those in their custody. One of the greatest dangers that our country is facing is the fact that we are not passing on what it means to be “American” to future generations. Once upon a time, Americans were the good guys. But now, instead of fighting the Nazis we are behaving just like them.’

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Some of the torture report items from the US Senate Intelligence Committee (from

  • We kept prisoners awake in “stress positions” for 180 hours
  • We waterboarded prisoners until they started vomiting
  • One prisoner died of hypothermia while chained to the floor
  • At least five prisoners were subjected to a procedure known as “rectal feeding”
  • Prisoners were routinely paraded around naked with their hands shackled above their heads
  • One detainee was “chained to the ceiling, clothed in a diaper, and forced to go to the bathroom on himself”
  • Prisoners were regularly subjected to mock executions during which they believed that they were about to be killed
  • US interrogators regularly threatened to physically harm, rape and sexually abuse the families of prisoners

(the account goes on to add already-public details about CIA torture from NBC News):

  • Punching, slapping, and kicking detainees; jumping on their naked feet
  • Forcibly arranging detainees in various sexually explicit positions for photographing
  • Forcing groups of male detainees to masturbate themselves while being photographed and videotaped
  • Arranging naked male detainees in a pile and then jumping on them
  • Positioning a naked detainee on a MRE Box, with a sandbag on his head, and attaching wires to his fingers, toes, and penis to simulate electric torture
  • A male MP guard having sex with a female detainee
  • Using military working dogs (without muzzles) to intimidate and frighten detainees, and in at least one case biting and severely injuring a detainee
  • Breaking chemical lights and pouring the phosphoric liquid on detainees
  • Sodomizing a detainee with a chemical light and perhaps a broom stick

The above was from

17 more facts from the Senate Report (from Think Progress):

1. Torture did not lead the CIA to the courier who ultimately helped capture Osama bin Laden.

2. CIA personnel objected to torture techniques, but were “instructed” by the CIA headquarters to continue.

3. The two psychologists who helped the CIA create the torture techniques earned over $81 million.

4. Colin Powell was not briefed on CIA interrogation methods because he would “blow his stack”.

5. The CIA used rectal feeding on detainees.

6. CIA leadership refused to punish an officer who killed a detainee during torture session.

7. The CIA tortured innocent people.

8. The CIA held an “intellectually challenged man” to use as leverage against his family.

9. The CIA intentionally misled the media to “shape public opinion.”

10. CIA officers threatened to kill and rape detainees’ mothers.

11. The CIA dismissed information that wasn’t obtained through torture, even though it proved to be true.

12. CIA torture techniques included mock burials and use of insects.

13. Some interrogators had previously admitted to sexual assault.

14. One interrogator played Russian roulette.

15. The CIA tortured its own informants by accident.

16. The CIA tortured detainees in a dungeon.

17. The CIA spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the torture program.

The above 17-point list is compliments of Think Progress.

UN demands arrests of US officials

The United Nations, as well as a host of individual counties, has demanded that the US officials responsible for approving the secret torture campaigns be arrested and tried for crimes against humanity and violating international law. Which American officials would be brought to justice if the US or UN were to bring charges against individual government officials? (from The Guardian):

‘The Senate’s newly released report on CIA torture practices tells a story of two wars, dozens of intelligence officials, an unknown number of detainees and a system of “black sites” and torture techniques used around the world,’ The Guardian report begins, ‘As various revelations about the US’ post-9/11 torture program have been leaked into the public over the years, a clear cast of characters has emerged.’

George Tenet – Director of the CIA 1997-2004

As head of the CIA, Tenet implemented the torture regime, approving specific practices on 23 January 2003.

John Brennan – CIA Director 2013-present

Director of the CIA since 2013, and previously executive assistant to Tenet during the establishment of the torture regime.

John Yoo and Jay Bybee – senior Justice Department attorneys

Yoo and Bybee were Justice Department lawyers who, in August 2002, gave formal legal sanction to torture.

John Rizzo – former CIA counsel

The CIA’s top lawyer during the establishment of the torture program, Rizzo has described himself as, “one of the program’s chief legal architects.”

Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell – psychologists and CIA advisers

Two controversial psychologists with experience in the military’s SERE program (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape), Jessen and Mitchell advised the CIA in late 2001 to reverse-engineer techniques taught to members of the US military for withstanding torture in order to use them on detainees.

Alberto Gonzales – White House counsel

Then the White House counsel (he would go on to become US attorney general), Gonzales provided permission for the techniques in a channel that circumvented the Justice Department.

Condoleezza Rice – national security adviser

In July 2002, the month before Yoo and Bybee provided formal legal blessing from the Justice Department, Rice gave permission to the CIA to waterboard.

Cofer Black – CIA counter-terrorism chief

Black was the head of the CIA Counterterrorist Center on 9/11 and when the torture program was incubated for testing.

Jose Rodriguez – CIA counter-terrorism chief

Black’s successor as head of the CIA Counterterrorist Center and later Deputy Director of Operations. Rodriguez destroyed approximately 100 videotapes of interrogations - even using machine tools to do so. His actions, which he maintains were entirely his own and not prompted by any orders, prompted the Senate torture inquiry.


Special thanks to The Guardian, Think Progress,, and Flyover Press for the above details.