March 26, 2014

Radio Show launches Friday on POW Bowe Bergdahl Birthday

March 26, 2014. Chicago. This Friday will be the 28th birthday of America’s lone POW from Iraq and Afghanistan, Bowe Bergdahl. Captured in 2009, repeated videos have shown the harsh treatment the young soldier from Idaho has had to endure. Raising awareness of that, a national radio show is launching the same day and the host assures fans they haven’t heard the last about bringing Bowe home.

Tune into Earl 'LeeBird' Hayes and get updates on America's lone POW Bowe Bergdahl. Image courtesy of VRDO Radio.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was captured by Taliban-allied forces in Afghanistan five years ago and is believed to be held somewhere in Pakistan. Sporadic negotiations have taken place between US and Taliban officials over the years. But for some reason, when one side is willing to make a deal, the other isn’t. Bowe’s parents, family and friends back in Hailey, Idaho have lived a heart-wrenching existence hanging on any bit of news. With US forces pulling out of Afghanistan for good, many Americans like us here at Whiteout Press and Earl Hayes, DJ at VRDO Radio, are stepping up the pressure on the Obama administration to insure America doesn’t forget its lone POW.

Earl ‘LeeBird’ Hayes

Until recently, Earl Hayes had his own independent online radio network with an audience that exceeded 50,000 listeners. Now, he’s hosting his own live online show at VRDO Radio. With the station located in Colorado and Earl doing his live show in Illinois, it demonstrates how far internet radio has come these days. His new show at VRDO airs three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-7pm CST. And he never lets an episode go by without reminding listeners of their POW Bowe Bergdahl.

“During all three shows, at the top of the five-pm hour, is the military segment,” Hayes told Whiteout Press, “I open it every time with a message from Hailey, Idaho residents and friends of the Bergdahls followed by a song written by Carmella Inchierchiera and performed by Douglass Dickens titled No Man Left Behind.”

DJ LeeBird also doesn’t hesitate to refer people to one of the many Facebook pages created to help raise awareness for America’s only official POW. The group he particularly likes is the one titled, ‘Captured In Afghanistan-Bring Bowe Bergdahl Home.’ Hayes founded that Facebook group in 2010 after he heard about Bowe’s plight a few months earlier in 2009, a few months after Bergdahl was captured.

Earl also doesn’t hesitate to profess his own personal turn-around story, thanks mostly to the effort to get Bowe home. As Hayes explains it, he had some demons of his own at the time. He’s not shy to go into details. But we’ll leave it at that. A military vet himself, Earl Hayes explains like a born-again man that it was his passion and dedication to the effort for Bowe that transformed his life. While we all have our own demons to one extent or another, the one that was going to kill Earl and destroy his family was suddenly gone. And it has stayed gone for five years now. He swears it’s all thanks to his efforts for America’s lone POW.

Earl LeeBird Hayes’ three-day radio show has three distinctly different themes for each day. On Monday, it’s The Hillbilly HoeDown. On Wednesday, its AM Hits of the 70’s. And on Fridays, the three-hour live show alternates each week between Dance Party Friday or Heavy Metal Madness. You can’t get any more diverse than that musical line-up. And as Hayes always reminds everyone, every 5:00 Central time, he gives an update on, and pays tribute to, America’s lone POW Bowe Bergdahl.

Birthday Cards for Bowe

As Whiteout Press alerted readers back in January, POW Bowe Bergdahl will be celebrating his 28th birthday on March 28, 2014. After flooding the White House with Christmas and holiday cards to remind President Obama, team Bowe is now asking everyone to send birthday cards to Bowe’s own Idaho Congressmen and Senators.

The effort’s elicited responses from a couple of the officials. So, in reality, the campaign’s already been a success. But Bowe’s friends and family want to make sure their own State and Washington Congressmen get the message - America wants Bowe Bergdahl home now. As one group of bike-riding vets so eloquently put it on Facebook a few weeks ago, ‘Either get him back or send us back to get him.’

“We made a statement to the White House at Christmas. Now it’s time to make a statement to Idaho’s Senators and Congressmen that they need to stand up and help us get Bowe home to his mom and dad,” team Bowe’s Debbie O’Neil told us two months ago. It’s not too late either. Readers can still send a birthday card for Bowe for the next week or so. For addresses and more information, read the Whiteout Press article, ‘Birthday Cards for Bowe - America’s lone POW’.

For more information on POW Bowe Bergdahl, visit And be sure to tune in to Earl ‘LeeBird’ Hayes this Friday (and every Mon, Wed, Fri) from 4-7pm Central at VRDORadio.




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