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Privacy Policy

Here at Whiteout Press, all of your personal information is considered private and protected. We DO NOT sell, share or trade your individual information to anyone for any reason. We are one of the only news outlets who believe that you the reader shouldn't have to trade your privacy and personal protection just to use the internet. We at Whiteout Press are real people with real families and real concerns about the dishonest use and abuse of technology by corporations, governments and individual criminals. We pledge to protect every bit of information you share with us, including your email address, and to never sell, rent or trade your information to anyone for any reason. They can have your personal information when they pry it from our cold dead hand.

Advertising on Whiteout Press

Advertise on the Whiteout Press home page! Text or banner ads are the same price: $10 per month, $50 per 6 months, or $90 per year. We also publish sponsored/paid content. The cost is $35 if written & supplied by you, $75 if written by Whiteout Press. Email editor(at)whiteoutpress(dot)com for more information.

Article Submissions

Submit articles to Whiteout Press. We accept original works for consideration for publishing and existing articles for article ideas. Typical Whiteout Press articles are 6 to 15 paragraphs in length. We will also feature one accompanying picture of yourself if you would like it included with the article along with your name or pen name. We also accept original, historic or censored poetry for our Poetry Section.

Please provide a text or Word doc as attachment. Include all relevant information such as name of author, and a one or two sentence bio of yourself if you'd like your picture/name included on the article. If you are sibmitting an existing article as a story idea, include where it was originally published and when.

We cannot pay or provide any financial compensation. However, original authors are welcome to provide 1 or 2 ads (either banner or text) if they have a Google Adsense account, their own website/blog, or a company/service/group they'd like to promote. Blatant self-serving advertorials will not be published. No illegal, pornographic, threatening of obscene material please. Also, news articles have a better chance of being published than editorials/commentary.

We can't guarantee publication. But if your original article is published, it may be edited slightly (never added to). You retain ownership and by submitting it to Whiteout Press, you authorize us to publish your original work. Articles will remain online as long as Whiteout Press is online. Published articles will be removed at the writer's, and only the writer's, request. Send all articles and story ideas to: editor (at) whiteoutpress (dot) com.

Whiteout Press believes the news shouldn't be left wing or right wing, liberal or conservative. The news should be independent. It should be the news. - Please keep that in mind when writing/supplying any articles.

Reprint Consent

Whiteout Press grants permission to reprint, in part or in whole, any articles found on so long as credit is given to Whiteout Press and the original author and a link back to Whiteout Press is included.


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