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"For truth, justice, liberty and freedom. By helping the helpless, defending the defenseless and giving a voice to the voiceless." - Mark Wachtler, 1988

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Some time ago, America's 'independent media', the 'free press', traded its freedom for something each media outlet believed was much more important - money. "We have no loyalty or responsibility to the reader, viewer or the American people," they explained, "Our only goal is to maximize profits for our shareholders." As time went on, it became more and more apparent that the 'news' was somehow missing from 'the news'.

Instead, Americans were happy to have all the important local and world events filtered to such a point that today's news is little more than home and garden, cooking, fashion, celebrity watch and worst of all, political propaganda.


Remember the day Princess Diana was killed? Within five minutes, every local and international news outlet was parroting the same exact sentence and the word 'poparazzi' was introduced. Who or what orchestrated that immediate global response and cover-up?


The American media is often accused of being left-wing and pro-liberal. However, remember when ultra-conservative, right-wing President George Bush II demanded that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein produce evidence that he was not hiding weapons of mass destruction or the U.S. would launch a pre-emptive invasion? Not one media outlet stood and pointed out that it is physically and mathematically impossible to prove you are not hiding something. Why?

The entire world knew in that instant that America was going to invade Iraq, everyone except the American people. In fact, the largest anti-war rally in the history of the world was held in Europe one month before the war started. What did the rest of the world know that Americans didn't? Why did the U.S. news media lead all of America to believe that Iraq not only had weapons of mass destruction, but was only weeks away from launching a full-scale nuclear assault on America itself? Why did the American media convince the majority of the U.S. population to believe that Iraq was responsible for the attack on 9/11? 

Some time later and only a couple years ago, America awoke to the President of the Republic of Georgia pleading for America to go to war with Russia because, "Russia launched an unprovoked attack on Georgian troops" and was hours away from invading America's ally. Every news outlet in the U.S. repeated the same lie and even went to great lengths to create support for an American pre-emptive strike against Russia, something that would have immediately begun world war three. But stop the presses.

When Americans finally tuned-in to foreign news outlets, they were horrified to see the truth - they were being lied to by America's entire news industry. Russia hadn't attacked Georgia. The truth was, Georgia attacked Russia. Who or what orchestrated that immediate reversal of reality and the unified distribution of flagrant lies and obvious propaganda on a nation-wide level, almost leading to world war three?


Have you ever been a part of a news event, only to watch your nightly news and morning paper report either the exact opposite of what really happened, or a story so far off from reality that you didn't even recognize it as the same event? We have. In fact, just this year, we participated in our local elections. Of the 2,000 voting locations in our city, we had 40 in our area. Of those, we monitored 2. But those 2 proved to be more than enough.

We witnessed no less than 25 flagrant crimes of election fraud, all of which were reported by the victims to either the local police or election judges. The offenses included bribery, voter intimidation, assault and battery on an election worker, and illegal electioneering inside the polling place. Unbelievable in its own right, every crime was committed by a current elected official, including one County Committeeman, one City Councilman, one State Representative and one Judge.

When the polls closed and the evening news and morning papers revealed their united version of the election's events, "there were no incidents of election irregularities". Based on the 2 polling places we monitored and a city-wide total of 2,000, there were actually an estimated 25,000 documented incidents of election fraud. But for some reason, the local media, as well as the Board of Elections and the local police, covered them all up. Who or what has the type of power and control that could coordinate such a massive fraud upon the people?

Our Answer

We can't answer the question of 'who' or 'what' controls our media. They are the people and powers that are described only as "the shadow government" by those who have gotten close enough to touch them or been given a momentary first-hand glimpse of their existence. We however, have our own answer. Whiteout Press! Your source for news. If it's blacked-out, covered-up or censored, you can find it here.


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