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Captured Spy Drone is disguised as a real Bird

July 27, 2016. Somalia (ONN) A captured Spy Drone that crashed in Somalia reveals that governments are actually using fake birds to spy. Once only a futuristic prediction, this crashed unmanned aerial vehicle confirms the use of UAV’s…

Final Day for Monsanto to stop GMO Labeling in Congress

June 30, 2016. Washington (ONN) The battle to force grocery stores and food manufacturers to label their GMO products has been waging for years. The victory in Vermont to require labeling and the devastating defeat of the same referendum in…

Will Sanders run as Green or wait for Hillary Indictment

June 14, 2016. Burlington, VT (ONN) Now that the national media has declared Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential nominee, independent Senator Bernie Sanders has a choice to make - run as the Green Party nominee in November or wait…

Dems embrace of Violence will guarantee Trump Win

June 9, 2016. San Jose, CA (ONN) The recent escalation of violence and terror by Democratic Party supporters against Republican voters is having a very predictable consequence - sympathy and support for the victims, and more importantly,…

1 in 10 HPV Vaccine Recipients ends up in ER

June 1, 2016. Alberta, Canada (ONN) First, Japan warned of the crippling side effects of the HPV vaccine. Then Mexico. Now, Canadian officials have released their findings on the dangers of the HPV vaccine. Except rather than warn that 1 in…

HIV-Negative AIDS spreads to China

May 17, 2016. China (ONN) Three years ago, Whiteout Press published an explosive report about a mysterious illness unofficially called HIV-Negative AIDS. Thanks to the activism of one of our readers who is afflicted with the disease,…

Help, DCFS stole my Kids - 10 more CPS Horror Stories

April 29, 2016. (ONN) With Mother’s Day a week away, it seems fitting to publish another batch of parents’ desperate appeals for help. It’s no secret anymore that the Dept of Health and Human Services has created a multi-billion-dollar…

Tiny Prepping Mistakes Make Huge Difference in Emergency

April 21, 2016. (ONN) Emergencies happen all the time and, with each disaster, more and more people turn to prepping. Despite the huge amount of survival information, people still make a lot of mistakes. Some of them are small, some of them…

Top 20 Corporate Welfare Recipients in America

April 4, 2016. Broomfield, CO. (ONN) If you have ever listened to a debate about corporate taxes, you know how confusing the arguments and statistics are. Republicans and Wall Street executives insist US corporations pay the highest taxes…

Paradigm Shift - a Poem by and for Veterans

From the Whiteout Press Poetry Section. Left for dead, I sat and wondered. Is there more like me, the thought I pondered. With each attack, I wonder why? Now the wondering is over, it's fight or die.
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Statistic of the Week

Each year since 2000, Asians have been the fastest-growing racial group in America and Chinese have been the fastest-growing nationality.

-US Census Bureau


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Quote of the Week

“American workers lose their jobs, workers across borders and oceans are exploited for their low wages…and the increased profits end up in the pockets of the CEO that already makes nearly $20 million per year. Everyone in this business model loses, except for the CEO.”

-Michael Smith, former employee of Nabisco testifying before the Democratic Party platform committee on 6/9/16.

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