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Obama, Clinton silent on Wells Fargo Crime of the Century

September 21, 2016. San Francisco, CA (ONN) By all accounts, Wells Fargo has been perpetrating the crime of the century. Some have called it the largest illegal scam in history. Over the past five years, at least two million crimes were…

History says Johnson Supporters will give Trump the Win

September 16, 2016. (ONN) If the election phenomenon known as third party remorse repeats itself, as it always does, Libertarian voters will give Donald Trump a General Election victory. Independent and third party voters consider Democrats…

Canary Stories #10 - Abducted in Australia

September 13, 2016. Aurora, CO (ONN). The majority of the American population are under the false impression that the family law courts help families that are going through divorce and custody battles. When you throw CPS/DCFS into the mix,…

Celebrate Jury Rights Day with FIJA on Sept 5th

August 22, 2016. Helena, MT (ONN) Why would someone choose a trial by jury instead of a bench trial? Because people are more likely to receive sympathy, and justice, from other human beings just like them rather than a machine-like justice…

How Drugs Are Tainting the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

August 16, 2016. Brazil (ONN) When discussing the issue of drugs within the sports industry, it is usually regarding the usage of these substances by athletes in order to increase their performances. With this year’s summer Olympics taking…

9 States with Marijuana Initiatives on Nov Ballot

August 8, 2016 (ONN) When voters go to the polls this November, at least 9 states will have some form of marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot. Currently, 25 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana. In 21 of…

Captured Spy Drone is disguised as a real Bird

July 27, 2016. Somalia (ONN) A captured Spy Drone that crashed in Somalia reveals that governments are actually using fake birds to spy. Once only a futuristic prediction, this crashed unmanned aerial vehicle confirms the use of UAV’s…

Final Day for Monsanto to stop GMO Labeling in Congress

June 30, 2016. Washington (ONN) The battle to force grocery stores and food manufacturers to label their GMO products has been waging for years. The victory in Vermont to require labeling and the devastating defeat of the same referendum in…

Will Sanders run as Green or wait for Hillary Indictment

June 14, 2016. Burlington, VT (ONN) Now that the national media has declared Hillary Clinton the Democratic Presidential nominee, independent Senator Bernie Sanders has a choice to make - run as the Green Party nominee in November or wait…

Dems embrace of Violence will guarantee Trump Win

June 9, 2016. San Jose, CA (ONN) The recent escalation of violence and terror by Democratic Party supporters against Republican voters is having a very predictable consequence - sympathy and support for the victims, and more importantly,…
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Statistic of the Week

Of the 154 non-government employees that Hillary Clinton officially met with as Secretary of State, 85 of them (55%) had donated or pledged money to her Clinton Foundation. The 85 people gave $156 million in total to the Clintons. In some cases, their State Dept meetings were scheduled by Clinton Foundation fundraisers personally. And of the 7 foreign governments that donated to the Clinton Foundation, 5 of them made their first donation after she became Secretary of State.

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Quote of the Week

“Don’t let anybody tell you that its corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

-Hillary Clinton TownHall.com

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