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Veterans News Site looking for Military Writers and Bloggers

August 21, 2014. Muskegon, MI. (ONN) Technically, Warrior Lodge is a website for military personnel, whether they’re active duty, retired, or thinking about joining. The site is managed and supported by soldiers and vets from all branches…

Rob Schneider says Big Pharma killed Robin Williams

August 20, 2014. Napa Valley, CA. (ONN) The list of Hollywood celebrities that have accidentally died because of the side effects of their pharmaceutical medications is too long to include here. Names like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston,…

Teachers Unions slowly self-destructing

August 18, 2014. Lansing, MI. (ONN) For the first time since the boom of organized labor, less than half of America’s school teachers belong to a teachers union. And based on local news articles from around the country, that number would be…

20 richest US Corporations collecting Welfare

August 15, 2014. Whitehouse Station, NJ. (ONN) The list of corporate tax dodgers from the most recent quarter has just been compiled and released. More accurately, it could be described as a list of the biggest corporate welfare recipients.…

Marijuana Crisis - Quality, Cost, Supply

August 14, 2014. Denver. (ONN) When Colorado became the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana, many pot smokers wondered what that would do to prices, availability and the quality of their weed, both there and across the nation.…

US Water uses Chinese Fluoride with Heavy Metals

August 13, 2014. Tucson, AZ. (ONN) There’s an ever-growing health emergency in America focused around the levels of heavy metals in our food, water and even our bodies. It’s impossible to trace the problem to any one source, as there are…

Report, Movie say Feds behind 97 pct of US Terror Plots

August 12, 2014. Newburgh, NY. (ONN) Criticism and evidence continue to mount regarding the US government’s War on Terror and the questionable tactics authorities have taken to stop terror attacks before they happen. Investigators insist…

Erica Lynn - a Poem by CM Towsley

A touching and heartfelt poem by CM Towsley. This poem has special meaning for those of us here at Whiteout Press. We hope you enjoy it. From the Whiteout Press poetry section.

New Edward Snowden confirmed leaking US Secrets

August 9, 2014. Washington. (ONN) There’s a new source of leaks coming out of America’s spy apparatus and it’s not Edward Snowden. That revelation was confirmed last week when secret US spy materials were leaked to two international news…

Bradley Chelsea Mannings Lawyers make Desperate Appeal

August 8, 2014. Fort Leavenworth. (ONN) Amnesty International, the ACLU and the Chelsea Manning Support Network are putting out the call for help. They’ve been tirelessly fighting on behalf of the US Army whistleblower, not just for her…
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Statistic of the Week

The new NATO/US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program cost taxpayers $1 trillion, or the equivalent of buying a $100,000 home for every American homeless person for the next 6 generations.


-From the Whiteout Press article, ‘US loses Simulated Air War with China


Quote of the Week

Whiteout Press readers responding to Facebook’s deleting of our account, our group page, 4 years of posts, and our Illinois Herald group page:

“Whiteout Press and Opposition HQ have been providing in depth, unbiased reporting on emerging parties. This is a complete shame. We at the VPA remember how our membership grew after their report labeled us ‘the Fastest growing political party in America,’” Veterans Party of America. “For those who don't know, Whiteout Press started this Libertarian Party News FB group, so listen up - they completely deleted Whiteout Press from Facebook. Give them your support. They’re a great outlet,” JS. "OMG Mark was a good guy, he was on my friend's list and did good things, this totally sucks, what the hell is going on in America?” CM.  “You need to move over to twitter, I find people to be more engaged and the sharing is less restrictive, everyone sees it,” Worldwide Corruption. “People need to read this and just see what this site we are now on did to this man. They control what they want you to see, and here is definitive proof,” RZ. “For what reason?” Occupy Monsanto. “Sorry to hear that you lost so much! Let me know what I can do to help you recover,” RAM/Taxpayers United of America. “I'm sorry to hear this happened to you!” The Organic Prepper. “Zionists,” Anonymous. “Sorry everything got deleted. Freedom of speech, my @ss,” MD. – Thanks for your support and kind words everyone, it's definitely appreciated, Mark W.

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