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Betting, shopping and more - what we owe to the internet

When it comes to the world of the internet, it has given us many wonderful things. Do you remember the days of dial up when you couldn’t use your house phone at the same time? But in what way has the internet changed our lives? What can we…

Only 52 percent of F-35s work, and now we know why

July 14, 2017. According to a US Defense Dept internal audit, only 52 percent of F-35 fighters currently at air bases in the US and abroad can operate when called upon. And according to officials, that number may get worse. Apparently, some…

Shockingly accurate Chart of the 4 major Political Parties in US

(ONN) Did you ever wonder what America’s four major political parties really stand for? Who’s really funding them? Which nation they’re really loyal to? Which secret societies they are intertwined with?

With ISIS defeated, is US-Russia War the new Goal in Syria?

June 24, 2017. Raqqa, Syria. (ONN) It’s been 18 years since the last time a US fighter shot down another country’s manned military aircraft. On Sunday, a US Navy FA-18E shot down a Syrian SU-22 over ISIS controlled territory outside of…

Johnny Depp tells Crowd it may be time to Assassinate President

June 23, 2017. Glastonbury, England (ONN). While introducing his 2004 movie The Libertine to an outdoor theater audience of 1,500 in England last night, US actor Johnny Depp shocked the crowd by changing subjects and suggesting “maybe it’s…

Why Family Courts and CPS target Fit Parents

Rich, poor, middle class - no child in America is safe. These words of award-winning investigative journalist Keith Harmon Snow (author of The Worst Interests of the Child) refer to the abusive practices that regularly occur within the…

Will Democrats stop their Politics of Hate and Violence?

Whether it’s Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg, a Broadway play, or hate-filled progressives online - Democrats’ constant call to assassinate President Trump and Republican Congressmen has been loud and clear.

Child Services pulls out all the Tricks on one desperate Mom

March 20, 2017. Virginia (ONN) I didn’t have a clue how the system worked. I fell on hard times. Homeless, pregnant, substance dependent and nowhere to turn. I knew things were going to get difficult. I detoxed immediately. I completed…

Charlie Daniels warns Left that the Right can get Violent too

February 19, 2017. Mount Juliet, TN. (ONN) Singer-songwriter Charlie Daniels, most famous for his song Devil Went Down To Georgia, published an open letter to the American people this week. It is a well-written warning filled with hindsight…

Inconvenient Truth - Obama devastated Black owned Banks

February 17, 2017. (ONN) Republicans argue that Democratic Party policies, especially those of the Barack Obama administration, have devastated the black community in America. But one rarely mentioned example is the devastating effect the…
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Statistic of the Week

To build one F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, it requires parts and components manufactured by over 1,400 US companies in 46 states, plus hundreds of companies located in 9 countries around the world. Because of late deliveries and substandard parts from an undisclosed number of those suppliers, F-35’s have only a 52% availability rate when needed.

From ‘Only 52 percent of F-35s work, and now we know why


Quote of the Week

"While we cannot independently verify the sources that contributed to this story, we would be very concerned if officials from a NATO ally would purposefully endanger our forces by releasing sensitive information. We have conveyed these concerns to the government of Turkey."

-Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway said on 7/19/17 after Turkey’s state-run media released a map of 10 secret US military bases in Syria.