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North Korea collapse predicted - US totally Unprepared

September 1, 2014. North Korea. (ONN) NATO and the alliance of former Warsaw Pact countries that still support the Eastern Block have been clashing in hot spots across the globe. From Eastern Europe to the Middle East to Southeast Asia and…

Veterans Wounded, Homeless and Forgotten

August 30, 2014. Jefferson, TX. (ONN) As a child, my grandmother housed and cared for World War II and Korean War Veterans. Up to 20 veterans at a time. She cared for them 24/7/365 for the rest of their lives. Sometimes she would take me…

Infowars Alex Jones and Max Keiser of RT discuss Bitcoin

August 29, 2014. Cyberspace. (ONN) There’s a new global currency on the loose and it’s like no currency mankind has ever seen before. It allegedly can’t be manipulated because it isn’t controlled by any national government. And you can’t…

MMR Vaccine causes Autism - leaked CDC Research Proves it

August 28, 2014. Atlanta. (ONN) Once again, those pesky whistleblowers have uncovered evidence of a decades-long, widespread cover-up at a government agency. This time, the source of the leaks is a senior physician employed by the CDC. His…

Family wages 5yr Battle to get Kids back from AZ DCFS

August 26, 2014. Phoenix, AZ. (ONN) Every day, more and more Americans are exposed to the horrifying child removal campaigns being carried out by state and county offices of the Dept of Health and Human Services. Each year, more than…

How the CIA accidentally gave Iran Blueprints for a Nuke

August 24, 2014. San Francisco. (ONN) If you live in America, you probably haven’t heard of Operation Merlin, even though it’s now 14 years old. But President Obama and AG Eric Holder are about to put a NY Times reporter in prison for…

Gun Toting Republicans terrorizing Libertarians at Home

August 23, 2014. Chicago. (ONN) For the past two weeks, Illinois Republicans have tried every scheme in the book to kick the Libertarian Party off the November ballot. Needing 25k ballot access petition signatures to qualify, the LP…

Veterans News Site looking for Military Writers and Bloggers

August 21, 2014. Muskegon, MI. (ONN) Technically, Warrior Lodge is a website for military personnel, whether they’re active duty, retired, or thinking about joining. The site is managed and supported by soldiers and vets from all branches…

Rob Schneider says Big Pharma killed Robin Williams

August 20, 2014. Napa Valley, CA. (ONN) The list of Hollywood celebrities that have accidentally died because of the side effects of their pharmaceutical medications is too long to include here. Names like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston,…

Teachers Unions slowly self-destructing

August 18, 2014. Lansing, MI. (ONN) For the first time since the boom of organized labor, less than half of America’s school teachers belong to a teachers union. And based on local news articles from around the country, that number would be…
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Statistic of the Week

The average hourly pay rate for public school teachers in America’s 66 largest cities is $34.06. By comparison, auto mechanics make 40% less. Journalists earn 24% less. Architects are paid 11% less. Psychologists 9% less. And chemists are paid 5% less.


From the Whiteout Press article, ‘Teachers Unions slowly Self-Destructing


Quote of the Week

From two Whiteout Press readers in response to two articles we wrote and published this week:

“Mark you really are an angel sent from heaven. We have gone everywhere trying to expose these corrupt people and the corrupt system. You have opened so many doors for us. I am so thankful they gave us your information. God Bless you. SY”

“Mark, I want to thank you for your reply and attention and willingness to help this man. Nobody wants to step up and any help is appreciated and will lead to a resolution to this. Politicians don't care, human rights groups don't care, advocates don't care.  All lip service from all the people who say they care. Someone needs to stand up and help. FG”

To both readers, thank you. It’s always our pleasure to help people getting hurt for no reason. Two weeks ago, we published a half dozen reader letters just like these. Since I never include my name on Whiteout Press articles for my own protection, one reader called me the Lone Ranger of the Internet. I loved it. But it’s you the readers that make it all possible. For that, thank you. Mark Wachtler, writer/founder Whiteout Press.

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